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Wockhardt Kranti Campaign

EMROK from WOCKHARDT is patented India’s first antibiotic to receive regulatory approval from DCGI for MDR-gram positive infections. The client appr...

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Viatris Grow IMEA Campaign

Roche Diabetes Care IMEA is a newly formed Cluster that caters to patients from India, the Middle East, and Africa. Grow IMEA is a concept where Roche...

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Viatris Urinary Tract Booklet

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) can be a severe health condition, seen commonly in women. Often found in the bladder or urethra, although more severe ...

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Sitagliptin Campaign

Apr 14, 2023

Sitagliptin/Mylan and Sitagliptin+Metformin/Mylan, both are classified as DPP-4 inhibitors, promising effective management of the condition....

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Viatris Pharmacy Visual Identity

Our team created a scenario-based key visual for a Viatris catalogue featuring a range of generic and prescription medicines which was meticulously cr...

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Acnacalm Visual Identity

The global pharmaceutical brand, Viatris, sought to introduce its acne management cream, Acnacalm, to the Indian market. Our task was to create key vi...

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Viatris Graftix EVA

Apr 17, 2023

Viatris is a global pharmaceutical brand, and Graftix is one of its teams which provides care and support to patients post-organ transplantation throu...

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Dermoflan Visual Identity

Viatris, the global pharmaceutical brand aimed to launch its product Dermoflan in the Indian market. Dermoflan is a medically prescribed Atopic Dermat...

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Zeforus Visual Identity

Our client, Viatris approached us to recreate a key visual that already being used in the US market. They wanted us to create key visuals which were a...

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