Viatris Hetero

Producer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and generic formulations, Hetero is the world's leading pharmaceutical company.

Viatris Hetero


We created a comprehensive corporate presentation which brought out the brand identity and established its prominent signature design.

Viatris Hetero

Hetero is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies that produces Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's) and generic formulations with a presence across 140+ countries. The client approached us to create a corporate presentation which involved a complete redesigning along with the major changes in the content.

Our team at Skepper created a visually appealing corporate presentation which beautifully revolved around a theme adapted from the brand logo and its colours. The corporate presentation was able to bring out the true  visual aspect with the help of the brand identity and it helped Hetero as a brand to establish a prominent signature design across the presentation.

As a result, we were able to deliver a stunning corporate presentation with visually enticing elements to highlight the brand and its presence. This presentation was successfully showcased to enhance Hetero's corporate image. 

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