5 Common Myths About Logo Design
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

5 Common Myths About Logo Design

While working on your brand; and trying to find ways to stand out from the competition: it is essential to keep your logo design in mind. Logos play a crucial role in conveying your brand’s message and making your brand different from the competition. However, there are some myths while designing a logo

Keep in mind the below myths:

A logo must include a symbol

Honestly, this is not necessary. Many great logos have no symbol but a well-crafted type. However, this doesn’t mean that logos should not have symbols. Sometimes it works, while sometimes a symbol becomes a hindrance that doesn’t add any value. Thus, use a symbol if you need to represent something important to the company; and if not then try using more typographical solutions.

A logo has to be likable

It’s not necessary for everyone to like the way your logo looks. What is important is that the logo focuses on a unique signature that will become associated with the qualities of the company. Whether people like your logo or not: it has nothing to do with what people think about the companies and organizations those logos stand for.

In short, your customer does not care about your logo; they care more about what a company can do or cannot do for them.

A logo has to be likable

So, yes! Hashtags are a great way for Instagram users to find your content. But, they are also a great way to make your content look like spam. You have to experiment and explore what works best for your Instagram post – #nottoolessnottoomany.

Logos have to be timeless

One cannot create a timeless logo on purpose. However what one can do is make sure that the logo is not entirely based on fads, like swooshes and glossy treatments: this would help the logo to last longer. 

Logos age and from time to time they need to undergo revision to pace them with the upcoming trends. Many big companies have revised their logo on and off – improving their look with each iteration.

A logo is the least important aspect when it comes to branding

Many people are under the impression that logos are not that important. This is where you are WRONG. By creating a creative logo, one can increase customers and create curiosity regarding what the company does. A logo helps to grab attention and makes a strong first impression. A logo is the foundation of a brand identity that helps to separate the brand from its competition.

A fantastic logo will make the customers love your brand

An excellent logo will indeed be appreciated by the company – however, to burst your bubble a logo has nothing to do with your customer loving the brand! At the end of the day, it is the product and the service that will define how much your product is loved or hated by your customer. 

In short, even though your logo is not great to look at but your services are excellent: the customer will be attracted to your brand and take upon your services. 

So, above are some myths to keep in mind while designing your logo. A logo is extremely crucial but a logo alone cannot help your brand. Other strategies also have to be implemented to make your brand stand apart from the rest and become the winner of the advertising world.