KOD develops
brilliant web designs that
are simplified

Working collaboratively with clients,
we ensure that the website truly
represents the brand. Our web
development services are innovative
and future-ready to offer users an
immersive digital experience.

Web Development Services, Enhancing Online Identity

KOD builds responsive websites that are tailor-made to a brand’s requirements.

From e-Commerce Website
Design and Web Application
Development to Small
Business Website and
Corporate Website Design, we
offer comprehensive services
that catalyse brand presence.

  • New logo launch via creation of Augmented Reality web application.

  • Android App for opthalmologists for patient education.

  • E-detailer for iPAD directing content accessibility of brand.

  • Dymista 3 liner: Game Survey application to enhance product awareness among doctors.

Web Development Services

Website Development

Creative and functional websites that are thoroughly researched about a brand’s niche while identifying its challenges and opportunities.

Web Application Development

User-centric web applications which are feature-rich, intuitive, and amplify user engagement.

Application Development (Android/ iOS)

Engaging mobile applications with superior UX that are fast and responsive to drive business growth.

Virtual Event Design

Transforming virtual experiences while offering useful and immersive features to seamlessly host engaging virtual events.

Web Banners

Unique and impressive banner designs that help deliver the right branding message in a relevant manner.

Viseven E-Wizard

Content creation platform that helps create, produce, update, approve, and distribute personalized content in a fast and effective way.

E-Brochures and Visual Aids

Digital brochure designs and visual aids that make your business digital that helps your brand to market online.

Veeva Upload and Management

Cloud application development platform brings content and data together for seamless end-to-end business processes.

WordPress Development

Wonderfully customized and fastest WordPress Websites helping brands stay ahead in business.

AR App

Bringing the virtual world closer to the real ones, AR Apps elevate user-level increasing brand value.

OFT Emailers

Engaging and easy emailers that help grow brands and get the most out of email marketing.

Newsletter Design (Microsoft Sway)

Creating visually striking newsletters for interactive reports, presentations, brand stories, and more.

Learning Modules

Creating adaptive e-Learning modules and courses that are fast and easy to accelerate business growth and achieve ROI goals.

The Web Development Process

01 Development

Translating the build as per the complexity of the design and incorporating the interactive elements and making them functional.


Integrated elements are put to test to check if displayed correctly on every platform and browser.

03 Launch

Final touches are put f orward and final output is all set to go live.


User testing and regular maintenance to improve user usability and discoverability of features.

Mastering Web Development Through
Design and Innovation

Combining the power of design excellence and cutting-edge innovation, we offer a web development process that fulfils business needs and contributes greatly to brand values.

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Customer Feedback

Feedback is a very crucial part in our day to day jobs. Our day ends happily only if our clients are happy with our service. Go ahead and read some of our prospective clients' feedback about us.

SKEPPER Creative Agency is a great creative partner, incredibly professional, easy to work with, friendly and nice. SKEPPER Creative Agency does amazing, smart work in quick turn around time.

Group Product Manager
Novo Nordisk India Pvt. Ltd.

SKEPPER is a creative agency whom we can always rely upon for any kind of our brand promotion. They understand the brand and the market and come up with creative ideas.

Group Brand Manager
Mylan Pharmaceuticals

I have been working for a long time with SKEPPER team in various projects. Being an Event Manager, I have worked on many events and exhibitions with them and they provide the best craft out of our requirement. I wish SKEPPER team a huge success in their future endeavors.

Sr. Manager-Events
Novo Nordisk India Pvt. Ltd.

Me and my team worked with SKEPPER for our complete corporate identity. The team from SKEPPER was extremely supporting. SKEPPER provided really good creative output which met our requirement and made a huge success for our brand.

Chief Executive Officer
Muscle & Music

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