KOD specialises in UI/UX
and is known to create
magic in the world of

We are known all over the
globe for our expertise in
creating the best websites and
applications that increase a
brand’s credibility.

Design Driven
to Create a Revolutionary
Digital Experience

Our forte is to build world-class websites and web designs that are more intuitive, functional, memorable, and meaningful.

With our expertise in UI/UX,
we develop a great user
experience. We work on
websites, applications,
wireframing of a website,
prototyping, and providing
elegant visual communications.

  • Designing a website for the product to increase brand awareness and conversions.

  • Website Creation for the product to increase brand awareness and attract users.

  • Interactive Website platform designing for HCPs for latest information and trends.

  • Interactive Website platform designing for HCPs for latest information and trends.


UI/UX Services



Engaging user experiences are blended with science and psychology, combined with specialised design skills.

Emailer Design

Emailer Design

Variety of quality and effective HTML email designs to meet your email publishing and marketing needs.

Newsletter Design

Newsletter Design

Apt newsletter designs that are responsive and can adapt to various devices.

Virtual Event Design

Virtual Event Design

Engaging virtual event designs that let you host virtual events with ease to delight your audience.

App Design/Mock-Up

App Design/Mock-Up

Designing user-friendly and responsive mobile app mock-up designs that reveal brand identities.

UI/UX Audit

UI/UX Audit

Analyse the usability of online brands to identify the elements for achieving higher conversions and higher positions in Google Search.

Web Banners

Web Banners

Reflects a brand’s style through unique and eye-catching web banner designs.

E-Brochures/ Visual Aids

E-Brochures/ Visual Aids

E-Brochures and Visual Aids serve as effective and safe ways to market brand services.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Interactive landing pages that make brand website visitors want to join the audience or use the brand services.


The UI/UX Process


01 Empathise

Understanding the problems, a user faces, we develop a strategy to define a brand’s user persona, understanding the users’ goals while understanding the business goals.

02 Define

Analysing the scenario, we define a user journey and develop an information architecture along with an actionable strategy.

03 Prototype

Developing a wireframe, converting it into a prototype, and finally publishing it for real-life testing.

04 Validate

Validating the prototype and releasing the complete solution for live human testing to measure metrics and analyse the functioning of the solution.

Relevant Aesthetic
UI/UX Design for Today and Tomorrow

As a popular UX design agency, we understand our clients' stories to develop great user experiences for them across all platforms---relevant now and in the future.


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Customer Feedback

Feedback is a very crucial part of our day-to-day jobs. Our day ends happily only if our clients are happy with our service. Go ahead and read some of our clients' feedback about us.


Featured Clients

SKEPPER is a growth partner. We’re a nimble, hungry, and results-driven firm. We execute with purpose and focus on measurable, actionable results.

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Frequently asked questions

UI/UX design refers to the user interface and user experience design of a website or application. It involves creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that allows users to navigate your website or app easily and efficiently. Good UI/UX design can help to improve user engagement, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversions.

Skepper has extensive experience in UI/UX designing and development, having worked on a wide range of projects in various industries, including e-commerce, finance, healthcare, and more. Our portfolio showcases our past work and the scope of our experience in the field.

Our approach to UI/UX designing and development is focused on understanding our client's needs and goals and using user research to inform our design decisions. We work closely with our clients throughout the design process, conducting regular check-ins and providing regular opportunities for feedback and revision to ensure that their vision is realised in the final product.

We use a variety of user research methods to understand user behaviour and preferences, including user surveys, focus groups, and user testing. We also conduct competitor research and analysis to understand industry trends and best practices.

We use a range of prototyping and usability testing tools, including interactive wireframes, clickable prototypes, and user testing sessions. We use feedback from users to refine and improve the design, ensuring that the final product meets the needs and preferences of our client's target audience.

We follow best practices for accessibility, such as designing with colour contrast in mind, using clear and concise language, and ensuring that the product is navigable using only a keyboard. We may also conduct user testing with people who have disabilities to ensure that the product is accessible to all users.

We offer a range of development services, including front-end development, back-end development, and full-stack development. We ensure that the final product is responsive and performs well across different devices and platforms by testing the product on a variety of devices and using industry-standard responsive design techniques.

We work closely with our clients to establish clear project milestones and deliverables, and we provide regular opportunities for feedback and revision to ensure that the project stays on track. We use project management tools to track progress and ensure that the project stays within budget and on schedule.