GLO offers unique solutions
for communicating the
brand’s story.

Advertising is our forte.
We are perfectionists at heart
who can be a part of your brand
journey and create an impact
with our advertising services.

The World of Creative Masterpieces

We have worked with clients all over the
globe and aided them with a thought
process and style that is unique,
unorthodox, memorable, and one that
makes your brand stand out.

Taking our expertise and
creating effective advertising
solutions, our focus is on
communicating something
innovative, strategic, and
unique. We choose the path that
takes your brand's advertising to
a whole new level.

  • Suntris- Identity Creation for Suntris, a broad-spectrum advanced multi-protector sunscreen silicone gel from Viatris.

  • Unique branding campaign for Ialumar nasal spray from Viatris.

  • ZYX- Key Visual creation for a medication which soothes throat irritation and pain.

  • Disnuemon- Key Identity Creation for Disnuemon, an effective nebulizer for nasal congestion.

Advertising Services

Marketing Analysis

Managing and studying metrics data determining the ROI of various marketing efforts.

OOH Advertising

Creating a brand presence from billboards to bus shelters, engaging consumers through various media.

Magazine Advertising

Advertising through publications that best represent products through high-quality photography.

Offline Advertisements

Creating, measuring, analysing effective outdoor advertising, print media, and television ads working to reap benefits for businesses.

Newspaper Advertising

The most trusted medium of advertising for the best results for conversion and brand awareness.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail to identify businesses or brands to engage prospects, leads, and clients in a meaningful way.

Print Design

Direct marketing prints from corporate brochures, sales literature to product catalogues offering the look and feel of design and print.

Content Marketing

Creating attractive and engaging content to build businesses and enhance conversions by establishing a brand connection with the audience.

Email Marketing

Planning, executing, and optimising emails and marketing that just don’t land in the inbox but perform in the inbox.


Creating posters with visual design, images, colours, and copy to promote brand awareness or call to attention.

TV Advertising

Message-provoking advertisements reach a much larger audience base while engaging the right audience.


High-quality brochures attract existing clients and prospects to create a buzz around brands and businesses.

Presentation Design

Creating convincing presentation designs to tell enthralling stories, vision, and mission of brands.


Creating noteworthy email designs that convey your message in the most effective and best way possible.


Creating attractive single-page printing assets to announce and build awareness about businesses, brands, events, and promotions.


01 Briefing

Receiving a clear communication from the business or brand in the form of a brief communicating the message to be conveyed to the audience.


Understanding and identifying the objective of the brief for better communication to the target audience.

03 Research

Conducting thorough research on the brand, its market, its competitors, and its target audience.


Brainstorming ideas based on the objective and coming up with ideas that are relevant yet creatively presented.

05 Scribble

Selecting the best ideas and putting them down for clear depiction.


Further brainstorming sessions on the scribbles to fine tune the ide as to be executed.

07 Finalize

The best ide as are taken further to be executed and materialized.


Designing the creatives on the ideas that are most appealing and attractive while aligning to the objective of the project.

09 Quality Check

Complete checking of quality in terms of creative and content, all set to be delivered to the client.

10Build Brand Story

Handing over the final output t o the clients for review and selection, catering to their needs and requirements as per the brief.

Enhancing Brand
Visibility, Conveying
Brand Story

GLO is here to enhance brand visibility and convey brand stories in the most effective ways. We take upon a magical journey where advertisements speak to the world because we create the best creatives.

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Customer Feedback

Feedback is a very crucial part in our day to day jobs. Our day ends happily only if our clients are happy with our service. Go ahead and read some of our prospective clients' feedback about us.

SKEPPER Creative Agency is a great creative partner, incredibly professional, easy to work with, friendly and nice. SKEPPER Creative Agency does amazing, smart work in quick turn around time.

Group Product Manager
Novo Nordisk India Pvt. Ltd.

SKEPPER is a creative agency whom we can always rely upon for any kind of our brand promotion. They understand the brand and the market and come up with creative ideas.

Group Brand Manager
Mylan Pharmaceuticals

I have been working for a long time with SKEPPER team in various projects. Being an Event Manager, I have worked on many events and exhibitions with them and they provide the best craft out of our requirement. I wish SKEPPER team a huge success in their future endeavors.

Sr. Manager-Events
Novo Nordisk India Pvt. Ltd.

Me and my team worked with SKEPPER for our complete corporate identity. The team from SKEPPER was extremely supporting. SKEPPER provided really good creative output which met our requirement and made a huge success for our brand.

Chief Executive Officer
Muscle & Music

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