We explore the sky of creativity
spreading our wings of art & ambition

Mighty Creators

We at SKEPPER dare to touch the sky. We are revolutionaries who dare to soar, to do something big, we aim high and surpass all obstacles. We count each hardship as a challenge to raise over difficulties. We remain powerful among competitors when it comes to creative advertising.

True Leaders

We lead the race. We are determined to be a strong team of artists that are looking to rule the world with their creativity and uniqueness. At SKEPPER we motivate ourselves to fly high above the rest and be strong as a team that comes from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Our strength is diversity, teamwork, willingness to learn, and our potential to leave an artistic impact on the world.

Risk Lovers

SKEPPER loves the storms. Our team of artists is always looking to make the impossible possible; a challenge that will help us to grow and learn new things while on the path. We love to explore, challenge our fears, and evolve with each obstacle that comes our way. At SKEPPER, we are always ready with solutions to problems.

Brave Artists

We at Skepper respect those who love to showcase their creativity from the core of their hearts. We are not just a team of experts but huge admirers of art and creativity, which is constantly reflected in our work. As we swim and explore across the layers of imagination, our team is always prepared and ready to take over any challenge.

Go Getters

We are masters of quality and consider ourselves the creators of astounding art. This is a characteristic that we are inspired by and make sure to adapt to in our daily lives. Our clients mean everything to us, and to satisfy them and make them content – we make sure we move ahead with a great vision.

Great Mentors

SKEPPER is passionate to nurture our talents and help them to become masters in their fields. Our team adheres to the notion of helping and motivating those with us - mentoring and guiding them, helping them to learn & grow with each step.
Our Mascot represents all the characteristics that Skepper abides by! Our Mascot tells our brand story way better than words can narrate.

The Skepper Mascot is the personification of
inspiration, victory, longevity, speed, pride,
royalty, wisdom and Vision.

Yes, we are all of it!

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Customer Feedback

Feedback is a very crucial part in our day to day jobs. Our day ends happily only if our clients are happy with our service. Go ahead and read some of our prospective clients' feedback about us.

SKEPPER Creative Agency is a great creative partner, incredibly professional, easy to work with, friendly and nice. SKEPPER Creative Agency does amazing, smart work in quick turn around time.

Group Product Manager
Novo Nordisk India Pvt. Ltd.

SKEPPER is a creative agency whom we can always rely upon for any kind of our brand promotion. They understand the brand and the market and come up with creative ideas.

Group Brand Manager
Mylan Pharmaceuticals

I have been working for a long time with SKEPPER team in various projects. Being an Event Manager, I have worked on many events and exhibitions with them and they provide the best craft out of our requirement. I wish SKEPPER team a huge success in their future endeavors.

Sr. Manager-Events
Novo Nordisk India Pvt. Ltd.

Me and my team worked with SKEPPER for our complete corporate identity. The team from SKEPPER was extremely supporting. SKEPPER provided really good creative output which met our requirement and made a huge success for our brand.

Chief Executive Officer
Muscle & Music

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SKEPPER is a growth partner. We’re a nimble, hungry, results-driven firm. We execute with purpose and focus on measurable, actionable results.


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