5 creative branding trends for 2021
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

5 creative branding trends for 2021

There is nothing that stays fresh forever – there is always a need for brands to reinvent to stay ahead in the competition. To become trendy and up to date, brands should adhere to the ever-evolving branding trends. 

We are going to shine a light on the top brand design trends of 2021. These are listed down by some of the best designers in the creative world. After all who would know the best upcoming branding trends other than the designers themselves?

Use quirky art

Today, if your brand is targeting the young – then there is a crucial need to add a quirky element to your brand. You can do this by using a different kind of imagery – it can be cute, funny, or even whimsical. Adding a young and quirky element will distinguish your brand from the rest and make you memorable in the minds of the young and quirky. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment – try being offbeat and different. 

Put a face to the name

Lately, there has been a change in the way a brand is portrayed. Today, we are coming across a lot more images representing each brand, particularly faces of real or imaginary people. Adding a face to the brand helps to humanize it.

With this brand trend, companies have started to use an illustrated depiction of a real person. This opens doors of opportunities for different artistic styles, which help to communicate the type of brand you are.

Usage of expressionist brand colors

In the past, one would use consistent color schemes and this was considered great because consumers tend to associate a particular brand with its key colors. However, this also limits your brand. 

What if you are someone who wants your brand to adopt more complex color schemes and also use different colors to give a different meaning to your products? This would be allowed by expanding your brand color palette and using expressionist colors. 

Today, more and more brands are using unconventional, non-naturalistic color schemes with plenty of variation and intensity. This is surely attracting the market towards the brand. Be different! 

Imperfection is the new perfection, today!

A lot of consumers today are on the lookout for designs that are not always perfect. Many consumers prefer the rough look around the edges, asymmetry, scribbled writing, disproportionate imagery, etc.

Research has shown that imperfect brand designs combined with illustrations and handwritten typography, catches the younger, more counter-cultural audiences

Rough designs may not look good with every brand identity, but for some, it looks amazing! Being imperfect can work for many brands in catching the eye of young customers.

Use geometric patterns

Patterns such as large blocks of repeated graphics to create a hypnotizing effect can work today!. Adding such patterns can take the brand experience much further and it definitely adds to the appeal of the brand. 

Geometric patterns can be stimulating along with being distracting. This is the perfect blend and also aids in making the logo center stage.

You can always have your pattern take upon an element from your logo. This will definitely catch the eye. 

Thus, looking at the above design trends for 2021 – there is certainly a clear shift towards personalization. The above trends help to make a brand’s -customer relationship focused on friendship, emotion, and trust.