5 Important Steps taken to promote video content
Ranjith R
by Ranjith R

5 Important Steps taken to promote video content

Study has proven that most individuals would rather watch an appealing video than reading text. However, we all know that creating fantastic videos take time and resources. It doesn’t matter if the video is produced in-house, or by an outside team – the process can be expensive and can take ample time. 


But what most people forget after putting in all their sweat and energy on creating a video – is the crucial step of promotion strategy. You might be great at creating appealing and eye-catching videos, but marketing your videos is a different game altogether. 


Today, we are going to talk about the various promotional strategies that can go into making your content further popular 


Optimize Your Video Thumbnail with a smile

Many don’t know that the video thumbnail plays an extremely important role in driving the visitor to click or not click on the video. Everyone looks at the way a brand is dressed, and thus the importance of dressing your video with a compelling and attractive thumbnail 


Many have suggested that the greatest way to make sure people play your video is by using an image of a smiling human making direct eye contact. People relate to other people. Think for yourself – would you open a book with boring text on the cover or one with an image of a person smiling?

So, smile on your thumbnail and see your videos achieve a great number of plays.

Ask people to share your video

It may seem a little shameless, but trust us when we say that putting yourself out there, and asking your friends to share the content will help to spread the word. 


So ask everyone you know – friends, colleagues, family members etc. The idea is to share with closer contacts, but one never knows who is connected to who, and that can lead to a large spread of the video. 

Run a Video Campaign on Facebook or Twitter

Can you guess a better way to gather people’s attention than conventional offers and advertising modes? The very best places to do this is on social media platforms where people are very likely to share and spread the word about the giveaway – thus getting more people towards the landing page and driving people more towards your video. 

Play your video at an event

Most of us have sat in events getting highly bored of the speeches and presentations – staring into space, scrolling through Instagram feeds. So, if you’re looking to engage your audience and preventing them from falling off to sleep – play some nice videos!


 A video helps to refuel the audience, and captivate their attention. Events are a great platform to publicize your video and break the monotony. 

Share your video on online communities

It’s always a great idea to share your video on online platforms such as Twitter chat, LinkedIn group, Reddit, or any other popular online community in your industry. It’s always great to engage in these platforms and spread video content when needed. For example, if people have a question regarding a service, then one can make explainer videos to answer everyone’s question and how it can help them. 

At the end of the day, your video might be great and appealing – but it’s how you promote it and think of important strategies to make sure your brilliant video reaches out to as many customers as possible. So don’t only work on making your video, but also work on promoting your video in the right manner!