5 Most Common Mistakes People Make With Instagram Advertising
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

5 Most Common Mistakes People Make With Instagram Advertising

Instagram is on the run and is a highly popular platform for people to view stories, posts, reels, and so on. There is no denying that everyone is on Instagram today, and if you don’t have an Instagram account: you’re certainly a black sheep.

Most people wake up watching Instagram stories and go to sleep doing the very same. However, if you’re a layman, an influencer, or even a business trying to promote your brand: there are some mistakes that you should not make when on Instagram.

Today, we are going to highlight those 5 common mistakes and help you to become a pro at this ever-growing platform.

Don’t use low-quality images

We all know that Instagram is a visual medium, and so if you’re planning to put pictures make sure that they are of good quality and are interesting to look at. You don’t necessarily have to be tech-savvy, but can use your aesthetic sense to use the right light and a good background.

So, it’s better to not post a photo as compared to posting a bad photo.

Know how much to post

Understanding how much to post in a day can be confusing. If you post too much your audience may think you’re desperate and annoying. But, if you post too little – then you may be forgotten by your customers. You have to delve deeper and understand what’s the right amount to post a day.

A great way to understand is by paying attention to analytics and experimenting with your posting schedule to discover what your audience’s tipping point is.

Don’t use too many hashtags

So, yes! Hashtags are a great way for Instagram users to find your content. But, they are also a great way to make your content look like spam. You have to experiment and explore what works best for your Instagram post – #nottoolessnottoomany

Avoid boring content

The biggest crime on Instagram is to post extremely boring content. If you want your audience to engage with you, then you have to offer them something engaging in return. Please avoid posting for posting’s sake. Work with content and posts that are appealing, informative, engaging, and helpful.

If your content is the above then you’ll find your audience commenting, liking, and even sharing your posts. We all know good quality content will help you gain more customers.

Spell check before you post

If you want your audience to be loyal to you, and to trust you every step of the way: then you have to make sure there are no spelling mistakes or other grammatical mistakes that can make your content seem careless and less polished. We advise you to build a quick proofread into your social posting process and maybe ask others to see your post before posting the final one.

So, above are just a few of the mistakes that one should not make on Instagram. Make sure to adhere to the above and make your Instagram page engaging, appealing, and driven with great content that helps to captivate the attention of a thousand followers.