5 predicted UX trends in 2021
Yasser Arafath
by Yasser Arafath

5 predicted UX trends in 2021

2020 for most of us was more than just a roller-coaster ride. While it was a year full of chaos when it came to health, social and political perspective, we cannot deny that the digital era experienced a phase of innovation and growth.

Now that 2020 is behind us, let us look into the 5 predicted UX trends for 2021!

Trending Digital Health

The pandemic has surely been an instigator of new digital health opportunities that include wearables, telemedicine and artificial intelligence! And we can only expect these behaviors to grow in 2021. There has been an introduction to several self-monitoring applications to check sleep, heart rate and even the blood pressure. These impressive functionalities allows users to take charge of their own health.

People now interact with doctors virtually and this trend will continue on in the future. 

The rise of virtual reality

VR has experienced a significant growth in 2019. This very technology has the ability to change our lives, the way we socialize and interact with one another and the way we work. VR provides one with a real-world view. 

VR is a futuristic technology that has struggled to go mainstream for some time, and this also mainly due to the expensive price tags associated with it. But there is no denying that VR is on a rise again.

UX writing and microcopy will mature

It is a noticeable observation that many companies have changed their communication style when it comes to content in applications and websites. The companies want the communication to be less formal and close to a casual dialogue, thus building a personal bond with users and making them comfortable.

It’s safe to say that microcopy has become a new profession of UX designers. Infact some companies are not trying to add a little humor into their conversation. Thus in 2021, UX writers will focus on informative microcopy and also ways to balance brand personality with precision.

Voice commands will become very widespread


There is no denying that virtual assistants and voice interfaces represent one of the various emerging technologies. Companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon with other companies have implemented Voice User Interface to offer its users the best experience.  In 2021, we can see plenty of websites and applications adapting to a voice-activated search along with a traditional search option. 

Mobile First Design

The pandemic has gotten more and more individuals using mobiles as their main device to consume and intake information. With this trend, it is no longer enough for a website or an application to function only on the computer. They have to have excellent features, responsive and functional on mobile devices as well. Infact, today, the design concepts for websites and applications are created based on mobile interfaces.

So, above are some UX trends that will be popular in 2021, however it’s always a guess work. Some trends start well, and slowly fade away while some continue to catch people’s attention. Hope you had a fun read, and are now informed of the various UX trends that will be popular in 2021!