5 Reasons Why Video Testimonials are Important
Ujjayini Roy
by Ujjayini Roy

5 Reasons Why Video Testimonials are Important

Testimonials are essential to sell your product and build trust with your customers. 


There is no denying that only a customer who has used your brand and product in the past can help you get more customers with their feedback and testimonials. Current customers are the key to sell your brand to your future customers. 


So, many companies ask for testimonials. These can be of any kind. But Video testimonials are the best! It’s an extremely powerful way to attract more and more customers. 


Videos are attention-grabbing, engaging, and guess what they are easily shareable! At the end of the day, you have to agree that video testimonials are impactful, enhances brand awareness, and are very engaging. 

Below we will highlight some 5 points as to why video testimonials are important:

1) They reinforce credibility and trust

Video testimonials help to boost the credibility of the product. Customers are more likely to believe their friends who have used the product in the past than to believe in the company itself. A written testimonial helps, but it will not be as impactful and powerful as a video testimonial. A testimonial is an honest view and opinion. Your testimonial is a way of getting more customers who remain loyal to your brand.

2) Create an Emotional Connect

Watching a video testimonial means watching a video in which you can see the faces and emotions of many testimonial givers. A written testimonial fails to show the facial expressions, and changes in tones, while a video testimonial captures it all. This helps to build a level of authenticity to the video, helping to build an emotional connect with the audience. 


An emotional connection is highly persuasive and helps to seal the deal with many customers. 

3) Higher Retention Rate

A video has 95% more retention rate as compared to text. A video testimonial sticks to people’s minds for a very long time, thus helping to increase the purchase of products. In short, if you want to increase your retention rate then get down to making appealing video testimonials that will help to increase conversions, and build loyalty towards your brand. 

4) They are cost-effective and powerful

Video testimonials are not only powerful but also highly cost-effective. One does not require any specific tool to create them. You can just use your smartphone and make a great video testimonial. It will just take you some hours to create productive video testimonials, from anywhere and at any time. So, what are you waiting for – pick up that phone and get ready to give a great testimonial that will attract thousands of customers and help increase product sales. 

5) Videos are easily shared

We all are aware and it doesn’t come as a surprise that people have a habit of sharing videos. 92% of people watching videos, share them with their friends, families, colleagues, etc. Information shared in the form of videos is 12 times more than that shared through regular text. The more the shares, the more customers and more conversions are waiting to happen.

At the end of the day, we have all understood how crucial video testimonials are to build trust, credibility and increase conversions at a fast pace. A video testimonial helps to build a strong emotional connection and makes your customers believe in you. So get down to making the best, captivating and appealing testimonials that you can!