5 Tips On How to Become a Great UX Designer
Yasser Arafath
by Yasser Arafath

5 Tips On How to Become a Great UX Designer

Before we delve into what a UX designer does – we will simplify what UX design is and what it contains. A great UX design deals with the interaction between consumers and everyday products such as services, websites, application, etc. 


We all know that UX designers play a crucial role in the Advertising world. The very core role of a UX designer is to make a product or a service usable, enjoyable and even easily accessible. Thus, a UX designers work touches the entire end-to-end journey of a user’s interaction with the product. 


A UX designer makes things simple, navigation friendly, and easy to comprehend. If you want to create an amazing UX experience, then make sure the interaction between your website and customers is easy and doesn’t take time to comprehend. 


Below are five tips on how you can become a great UX designer.

Get Excited about Solving Problems

As a UX designer; you should love problems. Problems always need to be dealt with when dealing with User Experience. If you’re a problem solver, have an analytical mind, and abundance of patience – then you’re on the right track to becoming an awesome UX designer. 

Care about Your Users

UX designers create platforms for the user; and hence it becomes crucial to understand your user, his behaviour, and what will drive him towards your website. In short; you would need to put attention and energy to know your customer. We advise you to have good listening skills to know what your audience wants. 

Sketch as Much as You Can

If you want to be a great UX designer; then it’s necessary that you sketch well. It’s great if you make it a habit of sketching your ideas down on paper. This will help to structure your ideas better and communicate them with ease. 

Learn to Communicate Well

It’s extremely important to have great communication skills to be a great UX designer. We know that design needs conversation. So, talk to as many people as possible. Listen to people to know what will work and what will not. 


Always, adapt your language to the person you’re talking to. One important piece of advice is to not use design terminology with a layman or even the non-designers you work with. Try speaking a language everyone understands. 


Accept Criticism

Not many people take criticism in the right manner, but as a UX designer, you have to get used to it and take criticism with a good spirit. Without criticism, one doesn’t grow, and one doesn’t evolve. 


Criticism may hurt, but it’s a great opportunity to progress. Don’t take criticism personally. Take it into account with the right mind set and it will help you grow. 


So, the above are just some pointers that can help you become a great UX designer and provide your customers with a great User Experience. So, adhere to the above points and get ready to do amazing UX work!