5 Tips To Upskill Your Team When You Have No Time
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

5 Tips To Upskill Your Team When You Have No Time

It’s an absolute necessity to keep upskilling your Team if you want to achieve greater results and greater goals in the long run.


We recommend that instead of hiring new employees and investing more money into recruitment and training, one can better their existing workforce to take upon leadership roles.


Upskilling your employees can result in better productivity, higher retention rates, and also helps to improve employee morale. Most employees would like to be a part of a company that offers them greater opportunities to grow professionally and at the same time improve their skill set.

Below are some 5 tips to Upskill your employees when there is less time

Leverage in-house Experts

There is a high possibility that you can find good trainers with vast experience within your company itself. Since they are already working for you; they would like to take upon this opportunity of training others and being the leader.


You can make this offer more glamorous, by offering the trainers a salary increase or even a better position. After all, they are helping you to avoid the hassle and expenditure of recruiting new workers.

Use Webinars and Video Conferences

Webinars and video conferences are a great way to upscale your employees.

Webinars offer multiple benefits:

1) Auto-recordings of meetings for future reference

2) Start-to-finish meeting planning in advance

3) Option to pre-load meeting content

4) Auto-schedule and duplicate recurring meetings

5) Collaborative features, such as polls, screen sharing, and Q&A sessions.

Build a culture of mentoring

Many new colleagues find it difficult to adapt to their new work, company, and even colleagues. Thus, senior workers can act as mentors and also provide on-the-job training to their subordinates.


This helps your teams to bond, and also understand each other’s challenges. This helps them to discuss any issues they may be facing directly with their mentors, without involving the upper management

Encourage Self-training

One very crucial way to encourage upskilling is by encouraging a bottom-up approach to learning. Managers can identify the weaknesses of their subordinates and ask them to work on them by themselves to improve their job and do it better.


One can provide some form of incentives such as rewarding the employees, allowing them to attend workshops during work hours, allocating paid training time, etc.

Include HR in your goal setting

One of the great ways of ensuring an upskilling culture is to document it behind the policy. It should be goal-posted that will help your business to flourish. After carefully considering and reflecting on the ideal target skills, use policy to make sure that L&D is monitored and applied to the workforce.


So, the above are just some fast tips that will help to build a better learning culture at work, and also help to upscale your employees’ skills.