Advertising on TikTok & the Brands doing it right
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Advertising on TikTok & the Brands doing it right

For a long time TikTok has had the reputation of being a social media site for lip-syncing teens, but that is not the case anymore. It has now become one of the fastest growing sites in the whole world and brands are starting to notice this. More brands are coming in and spending huge sums of cash to promote themselves on the site. 

Here are some of the companies that are considered the biggest players on the social media site:

• Chipotle

This popular Mexican chain restaurant has more than 350K followers as well as one of the best bios for the site – “Less Tok, More Guac”. Its rise could be seen with its first trending campaign #ChipotleLidFlip Challenge started by the employees of the company and later imitated by more than 100K people. It has proven itself for being more than a one-hit wonder when it managed to sell more than 800K guac on National Guacamole Day.

• Guess

While most companies would have taken time and effort by the trial-and-error process to get the right formula for advertising on a new site, Guess got it right in the first try. They were able to generate content that increased engagement for their brand. Their first outing on the site was #inMyDenim Campaign where people following the trend would post transition videos from them being in ratty old clothes to being in shiny new Guess outfits. The hashtag has been viewed more than 42 million times.


The NBA is already a massive brand with a very large following on the various other social media sites, with more than 117 million followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It should be no surprise that they have the content generation portion for social media sites nailed down, hence why they have more than 10.6 million follows on TikTok. The great thing about them is how they especially cater their content to each separate social media site. On TikTok, they use the site for mostly comedy-based content and the ever-famous memes.

• The Washington Post

At first glance just by looking at the name The Washington Post could give the impression of being a dull and boring newspaper brand, but this is far from the truth. They have become of the foremost brands that have a good understanding of the platform and are able to generate content that are meant to engage their customers and viewers. What could have been expected would have been short-form content of their long news reels, but they usually put out funny videos as well as ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that help to humanize the brand. This strategy that brought them about 445K followers.

• Gymshark

This is brand is another example of fully understanding the medium and generating content for it. They have fully understood the social media site and what kind of content works on it. Only then did they start generating content. This understanding of theirs has led them to have a following of about 1.7 million. They also understand the value of constantly updating and refreshing their content and are one of the more active brands on the site. 

Finally, these were some of the brands that were able to understand the medium they would be advertising on and adjusted their content to meet this criterion. This is what could be expected from any brand that wishes to get successful on any social media site.