Are Brands Capable of Creating Communities?
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Are Brands Capable of Creating Communities?

Advertising is the most mainstream of ways brands make themselves known to the world. However, times have changed, and all brands are now aspiring to reach and engage themselves with the right audience to build a community. As a leading branding agency, let us explain you how! 

The Paradigm Shift to Building Community Around Brands

With the emergence of social media, the new generation of consumers have a variety of values that have made this shift to community-conscious brand building. Although it was a tendency that was always important, but recent times have observed more of it. 

One of the main reasons for this to become is that brands have become more human, real, and adaptable, and in certain cases, they are being co-created with customers themselves, so that building communities inherently builds human connections.

As humans are social animals, human connections are critical for a successful brand. The new age of e-commerce has made it possible to establish human connections all over the world, but more transactionally than socially. And that has left an unfulfilled gap. The brands which tap into these communal dynamics, are the ones which stand out.

Brand Community helps build brand loyalty in turn making the brand real, human, and adaptable.​

6 Steps to Create a Community Around Your Brand

There are six steps to building a community around your brand and ways your business or brand can adapt to today’s changing marketplace.

1. Be Patient; Give It Time

Building a community around a brand does not happen overnight. It most definitely takes time and creates an authentic and long-lasting connection between your brand and your customers. Brands that give time and continuous effort to build community fill those voids in their customers’ lives and naturally become trusted resources. Too much of a rush is evident to customers, and that does not build a very positive reputation. 

2. Start Internally; Start with Your Team

Brand community must be built internally first. Your team must have a sharp vision and a well-crafted brand purpose that offers employees the complete system to deliver on the brand promise. This will help them create a greater brand experience for your customers every day. 

To build a community around your brand, you need to build it internally, with your team first.​

3. Embracing Social Causes for Greater Customer Impact

Brands that have a social impact and help the larger community are especially effective. For instance, if your customer purchases a product and your brand or business donates to people in need for each of your sales, this creates a good way of supporting the larger community while building community for your own brand. 

4. Including Customers Via Video

If your brand supports, including your customers via video encourages sharing among the customers and does a good job of building community. Consumers often tag brands so that they can be featured, and when as a brand you respond to their reviews or thank them for their purchases, they feel included and develop an unsaid bond of loyalty with the brand.

5. Developing a Value-Driven Social Media Personality

While sharing on social media, the key is to share content that adds to the lives of your customers while building a community around your company. For instance, as a brand, you may periodically hold giveaways or sponsor trips. 

6. Creating Informational Blog and Email Content

Offering customers additional information through emails or blogs is a fantastic way of building community. Additionally, if you throw in some perks along with that to your consumers, it keeps your open/click rates high. This free value is of utmost importance as it makes consumers feel that your products or services are expensive, and when they hear from you on a regular basis, they feel connected to your brand.

In a nutshell, to create a community around a brand, a proper plan and strategy are required. If the idea is to use community management, it requires proper approach, planning, and execution. We are here to offer you branding services through consultation, creation, and communication of your brand to a community or communities that will be loyal and supportive of your brand.