Brand Marketing and Strategization
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Brand Marketing and Strategization

Brand Marketing is just made up of two words, but by these two words coming together they have built up to something that is almost always on the tip of the tongue of entrepreneurs and marketers.

What is Brand Marketing?

Brand Marketing is a form of marketing wherein one promotes the products or services of the brand by promoting the brand as a whole. It does so by telling the story of the brand that will then trickle down to the product or service.

Branding and its difference to Marketing

In its essence marketing is the act of building awareness for the brand so as to promote its products and services and finally generate sales, whereas, branding is how one expresses their business and who it is for and finally what it can do for them. But when put into general terms, marketing can be seen as a business-generating tool whereas branding is the approach the company takes towards its target audience.


When taken in order, businesses should first come up with their brand prior to engaging in marketing tactics. This branding usually means getting to identify a personality for the company so as to define the brand. The basic elements that go into this branding procedure is coming up of illustrations, logo, typography, and finally brand colors that are to be used to portray the brand to the wider audience.

Strategizing for Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is usually a long-term strategy focused on bringing in repeat customers with loyalty towards the brand or buyers that wish to make a long-term investment like jewelry, vehicle, etc. This is because they create recognition in the customers towards the brand which will bring about distinct feelings whenever the customers come in contact with the brand.


Marketing campaigns usually flow from one into the other, expect when there is a complete rebrand of the company. Hence, it pays to have a thorough brand marketing strategy so as to make future campaigns successful.


The three base questions to be asked prior to strategizing for a brand marketing strategy are:

1) Who will be the target audience for the brand?

2) What is the primary goal of the brand?

3) What is success according to the brand?


With these three questions answered it will help the company in their marketing campaigns by helping them define objectives to be met, how they should approach their audience, and finally how is success to be measured.


While the above-mentioned facts could be a great start to the company’s brand marketing, there are a few things that need to be addressed in the strategizing phase of the marketing campaign, they are


1. Checking out the competitors for the brand

This plays an important role while in the designing process for the campaign because this helps the designers know what has been already done and what can be done to provide a fresh perspective to the audiences of that market.


2. Have consistent creatives

Having different creative elements each time a campaign comes out will confuse the audience and not allow them to form bonds with the brands thus hampering brand loyalty, hence, why it is absolutely necessary to have consistent creatives throughout all the campaigns that the brand puts out.


If your company is just starting out fresh in the branding segment, mentioned above are few good tips to follow to have a successful brand marketing campaign.