Concept Building – The Skepper Way
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Concept Building – The Skepper Way


Creative concepts are the back born of every brand communication. They are nothing but the overarching idea that attracts the viewers, influence their emotions and inspire them to take an action. Every advertisement campaign revolves around a conceptualized theme. In short, concepts are the building blocks of a creative theme, based on which various advertisement and communication campaigns are scripted and designed. 


Skepper, the leading digital agency in Bangalore, follows a set of effective concept-building practices when we create themes for every brand communication. Our Creative team ensures every concept brings out the exact brand communication intended. Let’s see how we develop the best and most effective creative concepts.

  1. Building the strategy 

    Each creative communication is based on a strategy that is prepared after strong research of the audience, situation, offline and online channels to be used, the objective of the entire process, the emotional tone of the communication and the expected benefits from the audience response. This is a creative and intelligent process that includes various teams and several steps. At Skepper we begin concept building by developing an encompassing communication strategy.

  2. Problem statement

    When the strategy talks about the objectives, situation and results in general, the problem statement addresses the purpose of the communication in particular. It is a concise description of the specific communication objective. It is inevitable to understand the problem statement; thus, the concepts and campaigns can address the issue that is to be solved.

  3. Aligning the teams

    Concepts and campaigns are developed and executed by the collective efforts of multiple creative and management teams. At Skepper we have a specialized talent pool that is capable of developing concepts with utmost creativity. We ensure that each concept is created by a chosen team that includes a leader, facilitator, note-taker and creative team members.

  4. Brainstorming sessions

    Once the teams are aligned, now it is time to break the ice and get engaged in active and creative brainstorming sessions. Multiple brainstorming sessions are required to convey the objectives to the team and to get the concepts developed. Each brainstorming session ends with assigning tasks to the participants which are to be completed and submitted for evaluation in the following brainstorming session.

  5. Concept generation

    Here comes the crucial part of the entire process. After enough brainstorming, now, each creative member in the team is assigned with the individual task of generating a concept that solves the objective. Each individual is given absolute freedom and a timeline to come up with the best ideas. The generated concepts can be presented with a visual representation or by words.

  6. Evaluation and expansion

    Once the concepts are developed by all the participating members, the team conducts an evaluation session to see the concepts developed by the team. At this stage, each idea is evaluated and encouraged to polish the broken links and expand to maximum perfection. Every idea is thoroughly studied keeping the scope of the exercise in mind.

  7. Reaching at the two best concepts

    After the evaluation process, it’s time for the team to reach the two best ideas that satisfy all requirements and that solves the problem the campaign is trying to address. After the selection, the team will suggest ways to fine-tune the campaign to make it highly presentable to an audience.

  8. Finally, the visual presentation

    Here generates an eye-catching and meaningful campaign based on a creative concept that helps the brand to effectively communicate with the audience. Our designers will depict the concept with unique and elegant designs for various channels. The final visuals will be created using various tools to make them printable, or web-friendly.

    Skepper being a creative agency, everything we do reflects in-depth creativity and compatibility. The creative concepts and campaigns developed by our team help brands to convey their brand messages in the most attractive and meaningful way. The ever-growing client base is a testimonial to our creativity and reliability.