Design Concepts That Every Brand Should Know
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Design Concepts That Every Brand Should Know

Brands are always looking forward to the next new thing that will help them stand out to their potential customers from within the crowd of their competitors. One such concept that has stuck with brands is the focus on their design. The more unique a brand can make its design the more it can stand out from the crowd.


Design, now plays an integral role in today’s market for marketing and branding efforts. Some statistics to support this claim are:

1) Aesthetically pleasing designs is what users drift towards

Research done in 2019 concluded users will stop interacting with specific websites if they have had bad experiences with how it looked and then move on to search for more visually-appealing ones.


Losing even a third of the potential customer base will be a big hit to the marketing campaign considering the limited budget that has been poured in.

2) Visuals will play major roles in the campaign

A survey conducted in 2018 concluded that more than 60% of the marketers believe that visuals were the major contributor to a campaign’s success. Also based on statistics it can be noted that different design elements like graphics and color help in the recall value of the brand over a long duration.

3) Design consistency over the duration of different campaigns

Consistent design over the duration of different campaign can help with increase revenue generation as well as brand recall and recognition value.


A report in 2017 stated that consistent design across all marketing campaigns as well on different platforms can help with recognition of the brand as well as to increase the revenue generated from each campaign. The platforms here can be print media, social media marketing, and other different forms of marketing activities.


This consistent design is usually what is known as the brand identity of any company. This helps in reducing confusion for the audience when they wish to search for specific brands.

4) Design plays a major role in B2B marketing efforts

According to a study conducted in 2017, it was found that 51% of marketers think that design visuals are the main priority when B2B marketing is considered.


If the marketing is aimed toward consumers, then visuals and graphics play the major roles to help in the success of the campaign but when marketed towards other business it is only graphic design that plays the major role in ensuring the success.

5) Content consumed appears on various different devices at the same time

A study conducted in 2016 by Google concluded that 85% of the content consumed by adults occurs over various different devices on the same time.


This split in attention is why your content must be reactive to any device be that a mobile phone, a tablet, and finally PC devices. This is a major necessity if your content wishes to compete with other brands for the consumer’s attention.

6) Infographics and the B2B marketers love for them

A study in 2017 found out that 65% of B2B marketers use infographics in their marketing practices.


A well-designed infographic can act as a great key visual for any marketing campaign, both B2B and B2C marketers use these to draw in the audience’s attention with neatly designed facts to help pique their curiosity.

A well done graphic design can add a lot of value to your brand’s marketing campaign, so it is important to always allocate a good portion of the campaign budget to the design aspect to see to it’s success.