Design Thinking and how it impacts your digital transformation
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Design Thinking and how it impacts your digital transformation

In this day and age where everybody and anybody is present in the internet sphere, it becomes a necessity for each and every one to have their own digital persona. According to studies from Harvard Business Review, more than $1.3 trillion dollars were used in the year of 2018 for this digital transformation process. Now more than ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its ensuing lockdown, a digital transformation is necessary. This is due to how the rules in any market have changed, where almost everything has been forced to move into the online sphere. While previously services were a mix of online and offline, now they are more and more becoming an only online thing. 

This then is the right time for company to become a digital-first one as compared to offline based market. But transitioning into a digital-first company comes with its own set of challenges. This process of going completely digital could be a quick one and often times having unpredictable results. Alongside this, with the continuous development of technology, staying up to date has become a must if a company wishes to stay competitive in their own market. And this is where Design Thinking comes into play for that company.

Design Thinking, what is it?

Design thinking is not one would consider to be the design aspects such as the colour scheme and various other things, rather it is a methodology which is used to solve various troublesome issues. Using these methodologies, we are able to find solutions for the user. The process involves using creativity and logic to bring about the solutions. Also, this methodology can be used in any field as it is not restricted to the designing field. Another benefit of design thinking is that it is user-centric and focuses on the human aspect of anything it associates with. 

Digital Transformation, what is it?

It is the process of rethinking for a company on how it would use the technological advances taking place in their field. This is usually initiated to find new revenue streams, but with the pandemic and its ensuing lockdown this process has become a mandatory one for companies that wish to succeed in their field. 

On why Digital Transformation as a process is necessary

    • Improves the customer experience

Like design thinking, digital transformation focuses on enriching customer experiences that interact with it. 

    • Encourages collaboration in the organization

The process of digital transformation is a huge one and usually requires a lot of people working on it in tandem. This overall final goal and the expectation it would bring helps foster a sense of collaboration among the employees of the organization.

Design Thinking in Digital Transformation

To pursue the goal of digital transformation is a huge venture that usually has many avenues for failure, may they be internal or external. In this aspect design thinking can help ease the complete process of digital transformation. Since this process is highly dependent on thinking and trial-and-error, they will become a key backbone to the ongoing transformation process.