E-Mail Marketing
Binoy S Parakat
by Binoy S Parakat

E-Mail Marketing

One of the most sought-after tools by marketers, E-Mail marketing has taken up the world by a storm. It is also one of the most trusted tools of companies, wanting to create a wider customer base for their products. 

E-mail marketing can also turn out to be a nightmare for some. Even experienced marketers have made mistakes. Commonly made mistakes include addressing the wrong senders, spamming unwanted targets, bad content, and image etc. 

This article highlights the key features, which would make Email marketing easier for you.


  1. Your subject line should be relevant to your marketing goals. In this fast-paced world, nobody has time to read irrelevant topics and long mails.
  2.  Your company might have plenty of products. Instead of confusing your customers, its highly advisable to market products, which are fast moving.
  3. Don’t be brusque. Personalized e-mails work wonders on expanding your customer base.
  4. Return address should be clearly mentioned in the mail if customers wish to place orders.
  5. There should be a separate address given for returning/replacing defective products.
  6. Your content should be in sync with the images.
  7. Content should be free of grammatical errors and punctuation marks.
  8. Keep it short and simple. Do not use flowery language


  1. opt for single/double contacts after checking for permissions.
  2. Provide links if any customers wish to opt out of the mailing list.
  3. Your email market list segment is an important part of the marketing campaign, and it should be concurrent with your contact list
  4. Make sure that your email preview works in all devices – laptop, tablet and mobile
  5. Do a test mail before proceeding to send out actual mails
  6. Images/text should be properly rendered


  1. Marketing Campaigns should be accurately programmed.
  2. Showcase special events and make sure that your campaigns reach customers’ inbox at the right time.

Make sure that you have a perfect checklist as there is a high possibility that most of the customers choose to opt out in order to avoid spamming. If done in the right way, there is no better way than email marketing to bring you the maximum profits.