Five Tips on How to build millennial loyalty towards your brand
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Five Tips on How to build millennial loyalty towards your brand

Are you wondering who are the millennials? Well to clarify your doubt: Millennials, often referred to as Generation Y, are a group of people who were born between the early ’80s and 2000. Millennials are special as they were born during the era of technological advancements. It does take effort for businesses to win over this generation of people. Thus, we are going to lay down some five crucial points that would help you to build millennial loyalty towards your brand.

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Millennials don’t just trust anyone and everyone, and thus your brand needs to be authentic. Millennials are concerned with the brand’s actions, quality, and community awareness. You have to build trust with this generation by being honest.

Use Digital Messages

There has been study and research that has proven that millennials respond extremely well to social media messages and marketing. They may not watch a commercial, but they will look you up on social media. Thus, your brand’s social media presence will influence more and more millennials to notice your brand.

Give incentives and rewards

The best strategy to get attention from the millennials is by providing them incentives and rewards regularly. Incentives can result in heavy millennial traffic. Millennials expect a lot from their brands. They are always looking for something shareable and something that sparks a keen interest in the brand. So, understand what kind of rewards and incentives your millennial audience would want and work on that.

Showcase how your products are making a change in the world

Millennials get excited about products that are making a difference. These include guilt-free products. Research has proven that millennials pay more attention to brands and products that are environment friendly, and those that came from a socially responsible company.

It’s the era of influencers

Millennials are highly influenced by an influencer. If you’re a famous influencer with a good following: there are chances that millennials will pay attention to you and keep in mind what you have to say. Millennials are guided by reviews and influencers. They need social proof before they go for a product.

As per a study, 55% of millennials believe social media influencers are honest about their beliefs and opinions. Another 41% believe influencers’ recommendations are accurate.

Thus, at the end of the day, you need to offer millennials something exciting for them to notice you and trust your brand. Be different, be unique, be environment- friendly and that’s the best way to get their attention. You need to create an emotive experience and follow a cause that you care about – millennials will be attracted to your brand like bees to a beehive. Create that experience, and millennials are yours, forever.