Get your brand ready for this holiday season
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Get your brand ready for this holiday season

A marketing campaign during this festive season is a great way to keep your brand in hearts and minds of your consumers, especially during this Christmas season where consumerism comes out at its finest. 

Here are some ways to keep you brand relevant during this holiday season:


1. Relevant & Creative Ads

It is a well-known fact that people tend to shop a lot during this Christmas season. It is also during this time that almost all consumers are bombarded with advertisements that wish to take advantage of this emotional sentimentality. Within this sea of ads, you can make your brand stand out by creating unique and creative ads that are a twist or ply on the traditional holiday tropes. This makes your brand feel like a seasonal one and hence helps it to stand out even more among its competitors. Another thing that could be done is visual puns, they are popular among consumers and could be a great hook to reel in more consumers for your brand. 

2. Time – sensitive packaging

Time – sensitive packaging refers to a company changing the packaging of its products to match that of the festive season it finds itself at that time. One of the best examples in the present time would be the coffee cups that are used by Starbucks, they always have a festive them going for them. But they sometimes also stir up controversy just to attract customer’s attention. Such packaging also tends to create a feeling of scarcity among the consumers, this then urges them to buy out your products. This will then result in greater number of sales. The packages saved by the consumers can also act as a great brand-recall, making the consumers remember your brand whenever they see the specialized packaging.

3. Color psychology

There have been many studies done by psychologists on how humans react to various colors, this forms the basis of color psychology. It is such an effective branch of psychology that it has been picked up by marketers to apply to their products so as to manipulate the emotions of their consumers to help better the sales of their products or services. One of the most commonly used strategy is to attach a certain color to each of the seasons. Here instead of using the repeatedly used sugary sweet color palette of the festive season, the color palette for winter can be used as a great alternative for your marketing strategies. There is another angle to consider when using the winter palette, it makes your brand stand out in a more regal manner. They give out a feeling of royalty, opulence, and finally drama. 


With these three attributes adopted in your holiday marketing campaign your brand is sure to stand out amongst its competitors.