Holiday Prep Your Brand This 2022
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Holiday Prep Your Brand This 2022

Holiday seasons are always a time when the culture of consumerism comes out at its finest. The general populace usually goes on shopping sprees and brands usually set up holiday specific discounts to further stoke the flames of this consumerism trend. A basic trend at this time is usually seeing long queues outside malls even prior to their opening. Also, with online shopping avenues pitching in into this trend, the general populace has even more avenues of spending their money to share that holiday cheer.


According to research done for the American market in the 2010 holiday season, the American population spent a total of $529 billion dollars. These statistics are over a decade old and brands have over time further improved their marketing strategies and gained even more profit during these holiday seasons.


If your brand is looking to grow its sales during this time, here are some growth strategies that you can adopt:

1) An early start is a head start

Even though the holiday season doesn’t start until the 20th of December, it would be a great idea to start all promotions as well as marketing campaigns as soon as possible. This is so that your campaign doesn’t get lost in the sea of other campaigns that come out just 102 days prior to the holiday. Another advantage of starting your brand’s marketing campaign early is that it would be among one of the first to promote themselves with the holiday theme and people always remember the firsts.

2) A schedule calendar would be a great idea

Having a holiday schedule would be a great idea for the marketing campaign as the advertisements can be planned around all the holidays available during the season. This also helps keep the marketing campaign streamlined and makes sures that there is no hustle and bustle to push out the advertising copy on the last minute with hastily done work.


Another thing to keep in mind is to hire a team of professionals to help you if your team is a small one, this will help your brand cope with the holiday rush and make sure that none of the employees are overworked.

3) Use the data gathered from the prior campaigns and other advantages

During the strategizing phase of the campaign, make sure to do it in the precise manner so as to build a stable base for the campaign to stand on. Also, the advertisements coming out should be ones based on the data that has been previously collected from various other campaigns in the past. This is relevant as it will ensure that the campaign is a success and that your brand is able to have a higher ROI.


Another thing to keep in mind is to review the performance of the campaign for the same season last year. By doing so you can see where you have gone and prevent yourself from committing the same mistakes.


The success of the marketing campaign that your brand will have will be decided upon by yourself, this is because in this day and age success looks different for different brands. Coming up with and executing a successful marketing campaign for a holiday season may look easy but is very difficult to execute. Please refer to the above-mentioned strategies for a brief introduction into the world of holiday marketing.