5 Tips to Create Memorable Brand Stories
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

5 Tips to Create Memorable Brand Stories

We are living in an age where thousands of advertisements and brand stories are encircling us. Are we tired of the same message told to us by different brands? Definitely, yes. So how can your brand be different and tell its story differently? How can you make your brand memorable in the minds of your customers? Buckle up, because we are going to take you through a journey that will make your brand story memorable. 

Personalize Your Brand Story

We all know that being able to relate to a story makes us more inclined towards it. There are a large variety of brands out there; some have a tone of entertainment, some educational while some inspirational. By just telling their stories – customers will not be moved by them. However, by creating a personal element the customer will feel your brand and will be engaged by your story. Make your viewer a part of your story to make your brand memorable.

Make It Simple

No one wants to be surmounted by details and stories that are complicated and not easy to register in the mind of the consumer. Complex words that are not easy to understand will infinitely drive away your target audience. As per study and research, it has been proven that brands should speak to their customers like they are speaking to their friends and not use language that would seem like jargon. 

So, simplicity is the way to your consumer’s heart. 

Invest In Online Platforms

Today is a digital era where everyone is using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. So, to speak your story, make sure to utilize these platforms to enhance your reach among a large group of people. If you’re not on social media; then you’re going to lose the race and not remain memorable in the mindset of your consumers. 

Offer Something Unique and Personal

Every brand has a story to tell. The question here is how you can make your brand stand out from the rest and make it memorable in the minds of your customers. The answer is easy – offer something different and maybe engage in games that will involve your audience in a competition and will offer them a prize. Everyone loves a gift, don’t they! 

Giveaway contests help to create excitement and anticipation. This also helps to attract the right target audience. These contests surely help to gain social media attention, more traffic to the website and more email subscribers. 

Design with Care

The design matters. Your brand may want to speak a thousand words but it has to do it attractively. The design should be catchy and innovative at the same time. So, if you’re looking to make your brand memorable then concentrate widely on the look and feel of your logo, your typography, the color palette, and so on. 


Your brand will remain imprinted because of the way it looks. 


So, above are the five core tips on how one can make their brand memorable in this large pool of brands who are striving to be noticed and imprinted in their customer’s minds. Follow the above five tips and we assure you a great journey with your customer and a successful future.