How to Effectively Use Machine Learning to Improve Digital Marketing?
Roshith V K
by Roshith V K

How to Effectively Use Machine Learning to Improve Digital Marketing?

Machine learning has improved how we operate in our daily lives and in our work. And the marketing industry is no exception. This sector, too, has already begun transforming through machine learning as most companies have already started leveraging it in their sales processes.

Machine learning is no longer meant for just computer scientists. It is being used by marketers to stay ahead of competitors by solving some of marketing’s toughest challenges like personalisation, instant customer support, and big data.

Here we have discussed some of the most effective ways machine learning can be used to boost digital marketing efforts.

Before we get into those details, let’s just take a second to establish what machine learning is.

Machine Learning is a branch of AI that allows systems to find new and better solutions automatically by learning from mistakes and experience. The more an algorithm has access to data and experience, the more likely it is to become better in the future. 

Leveraging Machine Learning in Digital Marketing

Machine Learning enables us to solve digital marketing challenges by going through customer data to find new key insights and streamlining marketing processes. Machine learning in digital marketing essentially reveals trends in current customer behaviour and finds patterns while predicting future customer behaviour, enabling companies to develop new products and target audiences more effectively and take relevant steps that drive more business using this data.

Therefore, machine learning can be used to improve just about every part of the digital marketing efforts of businesses. Here are the five most important ways machine learning can be effectively used to improve digital marketing.

1. Analysing Data Sets

Analysing data sets is the first step in a process when using machine learning in digital marketing efforts. It helps analyse and find user activity patterns on websites. Machine learning, putting an algorithm to use, does the job in a few seconds, predicting future user behaviour and identifying patterns that can be used to optimise the site by better understanding the customer base. It makes marketing efforts more effective and consumes much less time as well while segmenting the customer base depending on customer actions and behavioural patterns.

2. Creating and Optimising Content

Content is important and crucial in digital marketing efforts. Machine learning can effectively improve written and published content, and hence machine learning is essential in a content marketing strategy. It helps articles rank higher and pleases Google, rewarding you in the SERPs. However, relevant keywords must be used, relevant topics must be discussed, and all bases must be covered in general. Moreover, through Machine Learning, algorithms can be used to write content as well as curate content for customers. 

Machine Learning enables content strategies to improve in terms of organizing,
 creating, and publishing to engage and inspire you and your audience.

3. Increasing Personalisation

For consumers, personalisation always matters. Consumers prefer brands that remember who they are and, based on that, provide relevant offers and recommendations. Machine learning offers the most personalised customer experience possible using an algorithm that tracks user behaviour on a granular level, creating a personalised homepage and recommendation list.

4. Improving Marketing Automation

While machine learning can transform how a brand engages customers, it also better automates marketing efforts by significantly improving customer engagement. Marketing automation is extremely powerful, leading to an overall increase in sales productivity and a reduction in marketing overhead. Although this can also be done without machine learning, AI makes automation efforts much more personalised and powerful. 

5. Utilising Chatbots

Chatbots are powerful customer service tools. Especially when you are running an online business, they are essential. This does not require you to have a human on hand to respond to consumers’ questions. On the other hand, machine learning-powered chatbots can automatically respond to consumer queries with a high rate of accuracy. This is possible because the chatbot constantly learns from the website’s content and conversations to constantly improve the answers it provides. Data gathered by AI-Powered chatbots can be analysed by other machine learning algorithms that generate insights that marketers can use to optimise efforts going forward.

Machine learning and AI can transform a business’s digital marketing strategy. They must be integrated into the primary areas that best serve your needs.

If you are looking to adopt machine learning as part of your digital marketing strategy, connect with us today! Let us show you how AI and ML can save your business both time and money!