How to Evaluate Logo Quality
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

How to Evaluate Logo Quality

While building a top-notch business or working towards making a sophisticated brand; a logo is highly crucial. In fact, it’s a top priority. You have to form a logo that speaks about your brand, your story, your mission, your vision, and what you want to convey successfully to your target audience. In short, having a logo is an extremely integral part of making your brand successful. The right logo will aid in grabbing attention, help to make a strong first impression, and most importantly will separate you from your competition.


So, you have a logo! Right! But how do you know whether it’s of good quality and whether it will do good to your company?


Below are some helpful pointers. Continue reading if this interests you!

Does the logo embody the brand itself?

Logos are everything – they are the very first impression that a customer forms of you. So, your logo has to be remarkable in conveying who you are, what you are, and what you plan to achieve. Make sure that your logo matches up with your brand and is the right symbol for it. 

Is the logo aesthetically pleasing?

Yes, yes your logo is great to look at – but that’s not all. A great logo should not only look good, but should fit well into any space, and more importantly, have a sense of individuality. 


Keep in mind that the logo should be adaptable, and should also be unique

Is the logo memorable?

A lot of logos may look great to look at, but they are not memorable. If you’re talking about quality logos then they have to contain the quality of being memorable. For example, take the instance of the Coca-cola logo. It’s timeless, and despite technological advancements, the logo has remained constant through the years. It is imprinted in the minds of individuals, and surely unforgettable. 

Is the logo functional?

Apart from being just memorable, a great logo needs to be functional. This means that the logo should serve its purpose in both tangible and digital environments. This means the logo can be functional in a t-shirt, a shopping bag, a business card, a website, applications, and so on.

The logo should be convenient and easy to use.


So, at the end of the day, your business or brand may have a great logo, but does it follow the above pointers? If so, then yes, it’s surely of great quality – but if that’s not the case then you need to re-work on your logo’s quality and assure the perfect logo that matches and adheres to the above points!


Get ready to make the best logo for your brand!