How to Tell Your Brand Story Using Video
Ujjayini Roy
by Ujjayini Roy

How to Tell Your Brand Story Using Video

Brand storytelling is the cohesive narrative that weaves together the facts and emotions which a brand evokes. Businesses must begin by expressing the story behind their brand, why it exists, and why this is important, consistently across all communication channels, in addition to giving customers reasons as to why they should buy a product or service. Brand storytelling can take place in a variety of ways, including blog posts and photo ads. However, in today’s world, video is the most effective medium for telling great brand stories. The combination of music, movement, graphics, and other elements engage viewers on a deeper level than audio or text alone.

In this blog, you can learn how to focus on themes, develop stories around emotion, and follow several important storytelling rules to be great at video storytelling.

1.  Company vision video: Customers trust brands when they can see the “why” behind their stories which demonstrates an organization’s genuine intentions and drive to make a difference. People will recognize the company’s desire to assist others and, as a result, will be more inclined to believe in product messaging.

Tip: With visuals of your brand acting on its ideology, show consumers that your mission is genuine.

2.  Product explainer video: Brand’s story revolves around your product. It should be designed to help you achieve the brand’s goals, and its distinct features set your company apart from the competition. With an explainer video, you can tell the story & benefits of how your product helps others using images, voice-overs etc.

Tip: Combine the sensory details of video—voiceovers, visuals—to fully explain how your product works.


3.  Testimonial: Testimonials get right to the heart of the idea. Customers describe what makes their product experience exceptional in testimonials, so readers may understand how your company benefits others.

Tip: Allow your consumer to naturally convey their great product experience.


4.  Humor video: Brand storytelling doesn’t always need to be serious. To inspire customers to connect with your brand, it must also appear friendly. With a funny video, you may show your company’s hilarious, human side. While the film may be about your product, it could also be a humorous notion.

Tip: Showing your fun personality in video will remind clients that your company is approachable.


5.  User-generated content: Every day, customers on social media create stories about your brand. With user-generated content (UGC), you can get these personal stories in front of your audience. These videos provide your business more authenticity by demonstrating customer’s first-hand encounters with your product in their daily lives.

Tip: Share customer videos about your product to show how your company helps others in a genuine & one-of-a-kind way.


6.  Celebrity profile: People will feel more committed in your company if you show how celebrities embody your brand principles. Viewers will be ready to incorporate your product into their lives after seeing how a celebrity is tied to it. 

Tip: Highlight how celebrities embrace your brand values to gain their fans’ support.

7. Events video: Today, brands demonstrate their individuality by promoting events outside of work, such as International Women’s Day or a road race in which their employees are participating. People may tell what ideals a company supports by scrolling through its social media page and looking at the events it posts.

Tip: Attract your target audience if you promote events that fit your brand values.


8.  Company culture: With a business culture film, you may increase client trust in your brand by introducing them to your employees. Capture why people want to work for your organization, and viewers will trust your brand because they know your staff are dedicated and enthusiastic.

Tip: Film employees discussing what your company objective means to them.


Brand storytelling is not only about the history of a company but a memorable opportunity to draw and engage an audience through video—with footage, music, effects, and more. This guide might help you come up with ideas for your own video brand storytelling.

Keep these video storytelling tips in mind as you begin to craft stories for your brand. Talk to us if you want to learn more about how to brand your videos!