Learn to build your brand from scratch
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Learn to build your brand from scratch

While working on your brand, its personality, and its story – there are a couple of questions one should ask themselves. These questions being 

  • What should my brand look like?
  • How should people feel when they look at my brand?
  • Will my target audience understand it?

The above questions are inevitable and need to be answered to give life to a brand that wins the race. We are going to lay down 7 steps that will help you to build your brand from scratch. 

Find out your target audience

Ample research is to go into building a brand from scratch. One needs to understand who is the right target audience, who is the competition, demographics, etc. 

The research part includes searching on google, talking to your target audience, social media, and much more. While doing this crucial research you will understand customers who are easy to sell to, who are your main competitors, and what your customer feels about the brand you are building.  

Define your brand’s personality

It’s always essential that your brand stays in focus and is not falling all over the place. To do this, there are a couple of questions you can explore. 

Such as what is your positioning statement, what are the words that you can associate with your brand, what metaphors describe your brand. By looking into these, it will help you to define your brand’s personality and help it to be focused. 

Give importance to the name

A lot of people ask – what’s in a name? well, everything is in a name. A brand is no more than a name. The name helps to define the personality, actions, and reputation of a brand. The name has the power to impact your logo, your domain, your marketing, and also the trademark registration!

Choose a name that is not difficult to imitate. Also, if you wish to extend your business in the future – keep your business name broad so that it’s easier to extend. 

Choose the right colors and fonts

Colors are not only about the ‘look and feel’ but also the feeling your brand wants to convey. Choose colors that differentiate you from the competition. 

One should also look at the right fonts for your brand. To not confuse your visitors, it is suggested to pick up two fonts (one for heading and one for the body text)

Write a slogan for your brand

A short slogan always helps your customer to understand your brand further in detail. You can out the slogans on Twitter bio, website headline, business card, and anywhere else where you’ve got very few words to make a big impact.

A great slogan is short, catchy, easy to comprehend, and leaves a mark. 

Get down to designing your logo

A logo is crucial for a brand’s story. It is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a brand. A logo is the face of the company.

One should create a logo that is unique, and is scalable, and can be worked with all sizes. 

Put together all the places where you need to place the logo – from website to Facebook, to Twitter. 

So, what are you waiting for? Make a logo that makes you conquer the brand world. 

Evolve your brand as you grow

You should understand that building a brand doesn’t just stop at creating a logo, a slogan, or even with your brand launch. Your brand must remain consistent when customers interact with you. 

As a brand, you will continue to grow and evolve with each passing day. Remember that you can’t control everything to 100%, but you can give in your best and let your customer know that you are there for them. 

Above are the important 7 steps that one needs to undergo if you’re looking to create your brand from scratch. We assure you that it’s a thrilling journey and a chance to grow and evolve with your brand. Let the journey begin!