Reasons Why Advertising During Recession Can Preserve Your Brand
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Reasons Why Advertising During Recession Can Preserve Your Brand

The early days of the pandemic showed us how to act in times of global crisis. Decisions were made overnight as organisations worked tirelessly to establish real ways to maintain connections with consumers and clients they supported. Although there were quite a few hits and misses, trial, and error, one aspect was well understood that in the midst of challenging times and economic downturns, businesses need to let their audiences know what they are doing. 


This is primarily because consumers have expectations from brands in times of crisis-whether it’s a pandemic situation or a recession. There are actually a few tried-and-tested ways that brands can advertise and thrive during a period of recession. 


It is understandable that it is hard to remain calm during a recession. But it has also been proven that brands that continue advertising during such times will fare the best. 


We have listed some of the reasons why your organisation should cut deeply into the advertising and communications budget during a down period. 

1. The ‘Anchors of Stability’

It is important for brands to be ever-present in the lives and minds of consumers to quench the need for permanence in an ever-changing world, especially in times of uncertainties. This is because human nature demands ‘risk reduction’ and brands can show that during such times, offer consumers and clients the ‘comfort zone’ they crave to act as their ‘anchors of stability.’ As people more deliberately prioritise what they want to spend their hard-earned money on, brands demonstrate why their products matter and are important. 

It is important for brands to offer guarantees that take away the risk out of buying for consumers—especially since they should be able to add value back and not take it out. If brands respond to inflation by taking value out of it, then consumers lose the reason to keep a brand in the priority bracket. So, the motto should be, ‘Add value back’, in other words, which means advertise and innovate. 

2. Positive Impact

Periods of recession create an immense sense of ambiguity. Amidst all of this, brands which advertise during the recession offer hope, inspiration, and comfort. It is, in fact, the best time to advertise content that offers value and strength and resonates with consumers. Being part of the solution and assuring consumers of a positive time in the future ahead will inculcate brand loyalty among them for years to come. 

3. Sustainable Growth

Advertising during a recession is essential for brands as it ensures long-term sustainability. Grinding it to a halt will end up requiring brands to start right from the beginning, doubling their efforts to rebuild connections with their customers, because all of that will be lost in this period of turmoil. 

4. Opportunity to Re-Position

Advertising during periods of recession, it enables advertisers to re-position a brand or even launch a new product. 

5. Less Competition

Advertising costs drop whenever there’s a recession. However, investing in advertising during these times helps brands to stay at the forefront of consumers’ thoughts. This ensures long-term success when the economy picks up. 

6. Consumer Loyalty

Cutting down on advertising in times of adversity opens wide doors for competitors to take advantage of the brand’s negligible online presence. Hence, an increased share of the voice during a slowdown naturally makes consumers’ heads turn towards the brand when they regain spending power. 

A carefully crafted advertising strategy during hard times will cater to consumers’ changing needs and can boost their trust, deriving long-term growth. Therefore, it is a good idea to spend on advertising even during a recession, and as an advertiser, you should make the best out of your budget in times such as this. 


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