Reasons why start ups should invest in UX research
Yasser Arafath
by Yasser Arafath

Reasons why start ups should invest in UX research

Start-ups are redefining the IT environment around the world. With new products and services, they dominate the industry and at times they mark more success than other well-established corporate giants. But, at the same time, it is alarming that 80% of start-ups fail to cross the ‘one-year’ milestone, though they have great ideas, innovative products, or unique services. One of the reasons behind it could be falling behind when it comes to providing adequate User Experience


To make sure they survive in the pool of sharks we are going to emphasize the importance of UX research. User experience design is the need of the time as UX is your doorway to consumer’s eyes and minds. 


User experience research is the study of target users and their basic requirements. Through UX one can adopt various methods to uncover problems and design opportunities. Knock on the door of UI and UX design if you ever wish to provide your customers with a unique experience with your brand. 


Precisely, UX research is studying and evaluating your audience. Taking note of their behavioural patterns, experience, interaction, and emotion towards your product.

It helps you connect your customers, the right way

Well-executed UX/UI will help you communicate with your customers meaningfully and connect with them in a customized and conveying mode. Your messages, advertisements, digital platforms, chatbots or social media interactions can become more humanized, memorable and result-assured when you make use of a proper UX/UI. 

It provides a deep understanding of users

In order to sell you need to know what your user likes and what will pull them towards a particular product. To understand this an in-depth information is required about the consumer’s behaviour, habits, needs, etc. Thus, qualitative research is very much needed. If this is not done, you may end up showcasing products that don’t resonate with your audience at all. 

Validates your assumptions and analysis

An ample amount of research is required to help to humanize your customer communication and product display. UX research will give solutions to help your customers seeing real people in action in your customer interactions. There is absolutely no doubt that when one sees their user using the product in real situations – then it is easy to figure the impact of your product. 

You can see your user in action

UX research will give you an insight into how your customers approach your brand, services or products. Looking at users using the product and interacting with it will help one to learn how the customer is reacting towards the product. This clears our thoughts on what we know vs what is happening. 


This stage is great to make necessary amends and save cost and time. 

It is cost-saving

UX research helps us to be prepared. The opportunity to see your users in action, testing products, and validating personas helps to save up on all avoidable costs that could not be predicted. UX research can be budgeted and well planned with clear goals. 


Hence to conclude, UX research makes us understand the functioning of our users in an advanced way. This helps to provide insights on how to make the design more meaningful and engaging. It also helps to save money.