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Binoy S Parakat
by Binoy S Parakat

Remarketing Blog

To say Digital Marketing industry is growing in India, would be an understatement. It certainly is making its presence felt in every nook and corner of the country, it is more like it. With over 33% growth rate, the industry is nearing its mark of 255 billion in the foreseeable future, by way of creating more than 20 lakh jobs.


With the latest ongoing pandemic, we find more and more customers who prefer online shopping rather than the tedious motions of regular shopping, it has become necessary for any brand to have a digital presence.

 Statistics state that on an average, a person checks his/her mobile phone every 9.6 minutes. With the world at our fingertips, it is essential that companies target their perfect customer base.


To lay down in simple language, the term ‘Remarketing’ refers to targeting our customers again. One can use the term ‘shadowing’ or ‘tracking’ for Remarketing. Customers who seemed interested in your brands, who had visited your website but did not purchase anything, can be perfect targets for your Remarketing strategy.


The internet is a peculiar thing. It can help us hide our activities but also help us to reveal the same. In this case, by using certain tracing technologies, you can trace the digital footprints left by your customers and start interacting with them to make them visit your website.


This requires some technical stuff, so be braced for it. Remember the time you have been asked to accept cookies, on opening a website? Just like a jar of cookies in a store, every customer who visits your website has a cookie placed on his browser. This is done using JavaScript.


 Cookies help you get crucial information as to how much time on an average does a customer spend on your website, other websites visited, other online activities performed by the customer etc. in short, cookies do all the hard work, and you are left with the easy stuff you need to attract your customers to reach out to your brand again.


Below are some of the advantages which you can reap by way of Remarketing.


A popular data platform states that the basic conversion rate for any website is just 2%. To make the remaining 98% to get converted, Remarketing helps by way of creating more leads and thereby helping you to increase customer footfalls.


Every second is a potential customer lost for brands. There are millions of such brands all over the world, taking up the internet by a storm. It’s only natural for the customers to lose themselves over the humongous range of products available and get confused. 

Remarketing helps to remember ads which were forgotten by creating terrific website content. 


By way of Remarketing, you can easily target your customer base by getting to know the needs and wants of each customer. Giving out suggestions by way of similar products in the range, is an excellent way to divert your customers’ attention to your brand. It is very important to place ads at certain intervals, which would help in grabbing undivided attention of your customers.


By way of placing ads at crucial places, Remarketing helps you to attract potential customers. This helps you to save time and energy to search for potential customers and start the marketing process again.


Strategically placed ads even on your competitors’ websites help you to attract your competitors’ customer base as well. You can’t call it stealing! You are just smart enough to showcase your skills.


And on that note, this topic comes to an end. But never forget, Remarketing is all Superheroes put to one – A MEGAHERO, which comes to your rescue every time you need to attract customers.