Researching ways to make your video content more engaging
Ujjayini Roy
by Ujjayini Roy

Researching ways to make your video content more engaging

There is a difference in the way that you would talk with your colleague and in the way you would talk with your friend. These groups of people that you interact with in different manners are known as distinct audiences, and one must cater to them in specific manners to have successful communication. The same concept would then be applied to the video content that you create and the audience that would interact with it. All of them must have tailor-made strategies if you wish to market them successfully. 

This successful and tailor-made strategy is only possible if you know the needs and interests of the audience that your content interacts with. But how does one go about trying to find these details with regards to their audience. What is most commonly done is that the audience that the video content is catered to is generalized and some common features are selected out, this might be the age-range, gender, etc., and then the marketing campaign for the content is used to target these features. While this could bring about the desired outcome, for more thorough targeting of the audience and to make the best of the budget spent on the marketing more detailed research is required to be done. 

Some ways in which one could do this thorough research of their target audience would be:

Using Google & YouTube Creator Studio Analytics

While no one is a big fan of combing through huge swaths of hard data, if one need to use their marketing budget to its full capacity this is a necessary evil. Graphs and stats are some of the most commonly used forms of data that can be analyzed to help design your video content that would be specifically curated to certain audiences. They can also help you look at the bigger picture with regards to your audience, that you wouldn’t generally be able to notice. All of these data are collected on Google Analytics, and in most recent times YouTube Creator Studio Analytics. Both these tools can be used in a complementary nature to help better understand your audience and create specific types of content that would be to their liking.

Using Social Media Listening Tools

It is always helpful to get to know what your audience is talking about with regards to you. As the most common form of communication on the Internet today are social media sites. It would then be common sense to invest in some social media listening tools, to get to know your audience better. These tools will help you know when someone is mentioning your brand. This is usually done by giving the tool a list of things to listen to. The most common things that re given are your brand’s name, names of the public faces of your brand, as well as names of your competitors and their public faces. One handy thing to keep in mind is to include misspelt versions of your brand’s names as well.

Once you know what your audience expects from you, you can better cater to them and fulfill their needs and pique their interests. With video content being made specifically for them, your content’s performance will get better as more time passes. But this is a never-ending process and you must always update your strategies according to changes that take place in your target audience.