Skepper Gets Cracking, Not With One But Fourteen!
Ujjayini Roy
by Ujjayini Roy

Skepper Gets Cracking, Not With One But Fourteen!

As he flipped through the pages of the 8th Edition of RX Awards filled with colourful and cerebral creatives dated from 1986, his face beamed with joy.

He said to himself, “This was my inspiration. This was my aim. And this is where I am today.” The feelings of accomplishment gleamed all over his face.

“Since the time I started my journey as a graphic designer 20 years back at my uncle’s studio, I wanted to be as good to be featured here”, he said as he continued turning the collection of creatives created and designed from all over the world- published in a series by RX Awards Show.

“And today is that day! It is one of the greatest days of my life. I have never felt more fulfilled”, said Mr. Binoy Parakat, the CEO of Skepper Creative Agency, basking in the glory of his team’s triumph as Skepper hauls 14 prestigious awards at the RX Club Show at the 2022 edition across multiple categories. 

Located in Bengaluru, with a branch office in Dubai, Skepper is a full-service advertising agency. It has been quite a cruise for Skepper from winning six in the former edition straight to winning 14 this year. When asked about the journey, Mr. Binoy Parakat added, “This would not have been possible without my entire team. It is their excellence and creative minds that make Skepper what it is today and where it is heading, towards excellence! Every win at the RX Club Show is dedicated to them and I am very proud to be able to lead a team of such creative people.” 

With its inception back in 1986, the RX Club Show is an international icon that offers an independent platform for the worldwide healthcare advertising community. It is a forum to exchange ideas, showcase the best creative projects, and bring forward innovation in the constantly growing healthcare marketplace all over the world. Since its beginning, RX Clubs Show has been true to its ethos of honouring creative aspects of healthcare advertising across various categories. Organisations globally submit their recent innovations for consideration in the RX Awards by the panel of judges of the RX Award Show- comprised of industry-leading experts determining the crème de la crème of advertising creatives based solely on creativity.

Asked about his view on the win, Mr. Yasser Arafath, COO of Skepper- UI/UX and Web Development said, “Skepper is here to help companies power their marketing efforts. Now, with our dedicated service verticals, GLO, KOD, VYB, and ARK, we will be able to do it in a much better, more structured, and organized way for a positive representation of our customers. Our entire team comprise of experts from various creative fields and that is what makes us different. We are a responsible agency and we ensure to stand by our clients from all over the globe, through and through.

Winning 14 awards across various categories such as 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Sales Promotion, Collaterals, Brand Identity, postcards, mailers, sales meeting materials and many more, Skepper Team’s happiness knows no bounds. Pramod MV, Creative Director of Skepper added, “Our biggest achievement was winning for self-promotion. It was able to showcase our expertise, our creativity, and our innovation in the industry.” 

Jayakumar A, Group Head of Client Servicing at Skepper, “It is a great honour to receive such international recognition and that too at such a great amount. Last year when we won six, we were determined to increase the number of wins. But we didn’t realize it would be so many. We are grateful. But then again, we know how dedicated and creative our team is. It is all their efforts and hard work that has been brought to fruition.”

Ecstatic about their win for both 2D and 3D Animation, Pranav S Krishnan, Head of Animation and Video Marketing at Skepper when asked about his expertise in the field, said, “Whether or not there’s a “story” being told is a big determining factor in deciding if you’re dealing with motion graphics or animation. We add that extra visual flair through motion graphics which helps the bars in their graph to rise up!” 

“They say great things start with small beginnings. But Skepper, as an award-winning leading digital marketing agency, we believe we give a great beginning for endless business opportunities for our clients. It feels great to be our clients’ one-stop destination for all their creative marketing needs. With years of experience in the industry, we give our clients and their brands the voice they should have in the market. And these tokens of recognition are proof of the genuine creativity that we offer our clients globally”, said Roshith VK, the COO of Ark, Digital Marketing.

After a fabulous victory last year, and an even bigger one this year, Skepper is all geared up for its greatest haul next year. Achieving globally acclaimed validation of their work, Skepper Creative Agency feels even more confident today- making them the finest creative marketing agency in the industry. 

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