Strategies for a new age: e-commerce and it's advertising
Yasser Arafath
by Yasser Arafath

Strategies for a new age: e-commerce and it's advertising

E-commerce sites are not a new thing, lots of companies have already made a killing using e-commerce. Also with the pandemic and its resulting lockdowns coming into play, every company is heading towards e-commerce sites. But if you are new to this section of the Internet there are a few thing that you need to keep in mind.

Website Design

When setting up an e-commerce website, the first thing to be kept in mind is that it is the first impression that your potential customer will have. Hence it is crucial that your site is visually appealing, the graphic designing on it is outstanding, and finally the the website must be responsive. The latter is crucial in this day and age where almost everyone does most of their work on their mobile phone. Stretching further on this point, having a mobile application would definitely be a benefit.

Website Features

With the barebones of the website done, the next thing to keep in mind is the features that are to be added. Some crucial features for an e-commerce site would be an automated chat bot to help answer customer queries, adding in all available payment options so that none of your potential customers feel left out, and finally a customer support line for that extra touch of personalization. Also to be kept in mind is that free shipping usually is a great draw-in for customers, so providing this service would be great. 


The next crucial thing to keep in mind for any e-commerce site are their products. The products on the site must be easy to find, meaning they should have reliable titles attached to them. The images of these products must be attractive so as to lure in the customer, usually this is done by hiring a product photographer. And finally the product must have a brief but concise description so as to help the customer understand what the product does and its various features. Adding to the above point of website features, including product reviews over here would be a great initiative. This is because we all know that a shopkeeper never outrightly tells the cons of any product, but peer reviwed products become a great draw for customers. 

Social Media

In this day and age where everyone is on social media, it becomes crucial for your brand to have  its presence felt on all leading social media sites. These are a great way to interact with your customers, to update your followers regarding new and upcoming offers, as well as features that you would be updating to your site. Having a social media presence would be a great way to further showcase your products as couldn’t on your e-commerce site. Asking for customers to share their images in your products is also a great way to market them. 

Another key feature of having a presence on social media is to open up stores on sites such as Facebook and Instagram, which could become an extension to your already present e-commerce website. Or even start your brand journey on these sites as has been done by many brands, that began their journey by having stores on these sites and then moving on to have their own sites. 

Finally, since you are new to this section it usually pays huge dividends to offer your customers care packages, like offers and such. There are a lot more things that could be done with your e-commerce site, but keep in mind any update and such should be made while keeping the customer in mind as finally it is a customer service.