The Beginner’s Guide to Online Advertising in 2021
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

The Beginner’s Guide to Online Advertising in 2021

A form of communication for the market, advertising was considered just to be delivering openly sponsored messages to consumers so as to get them to buy products or services. But as with any field when time passes the field evolves. The field of advertising evolved and grew to include new technologies as well as new creative processes. With Internet in the picture, online advertising became the new thing, it was a subset of advertising that used Internet as its medium.


Online advertising is a vast chasm, bust most of it can be separated into a few categories, such as:

Paid Search Advertising

Today, majority of the present Internet users interact with it via the use of search engines, hence why this form of online advertising is of such importance. The main name that comes to mind when mentioning search engine marketing is Google Ads. While advertising for the search engine could be done organically, it always pays to have that extra edge over your competitors and Google Ads is that edge you are looking for. The Google Ads process for advertising is not too complex either and can be done by anyone without any prior experience with the service.

Social Media Advertising

Imagine this, you are scrolling through your feed on your social media sites and you like a post and after a while you come back to it and see that the post was a sponsored content. Has this ever happened to you? This is not a rarity but a constant, this is so because advertising on such social media sites is subtle layered with soft sells. It is necessary to have accounts on all major social media sites as well as on sites that your niche audience resides in, to reach out to them and finally advertise to them.

Native Advertising

This form of advertising is the act of piggybacking of the success of other publishers, this is usually done by brands that collaborate with big name publishers, so as to emulate their formula of success. One such example of a big-name publisher could be Buzzfeed whose content regularly goes viral. The brands pay these publishers money to curate posts promoting them. They may also pay various distributors to distribute this post on their channels.

Display Advertising

You surely have seen banner like ads on top of most websites or else on the sides of it. This is what a display advertisement looks like. But this form of online advertising is the most controversial of them all, this is so because previously this field was filled with malicious adverts that would load the customers’ computer with virus. This is why people have almost formed an immunity to this form of advertising, but still Google Display Network is the biggest name in this field.

Now that you know in brief the types of online advertising available for your brand, it is necessary to research your target audience and come up with at least two of these modes to advertise to them. This will help leverage all modern tools to improve the performance of your brand.