The role of creativity in advertising
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

The role of creativity in advertising

Advertising, unlike other creative endeavors, demands the creator to struggle head over heels to ideate unique, attractive, memorable outstanding concepts. The business world very much depends on creative advertising to remain competent, successful and favored by the world. Advertising is an ever-growing platform that helps to sell products and make a certain brand memorable. The field is enthused with creative people who find extraordinary ways to make a brand stand out and help build people’s affection towards a brand. 

Is creativity inevitable in advertising? Yes! Indeed, advertising is an intelligently creative exercise. There are thousands of advertising agencies competing with one another and the only way that they can stand apart is through their creativity and the will to think differently from others. 

Below are some pointers that will talk about the importance of creativity in advertising


Creativity helps to personalize

Advertising agencies are always yearning to reach out to their target audience in a creative and personal way. Today’s businesses try to sell as per customer preferences and they try to address each customer personally, whether over the counter or through advertising. For example, a man walks into a bar and the bartender says ‘same as usual” this helps to create a personalization impact. Creative advertising helps to create the same factor and connect with its audience, making them feel that we already know you and understand exactly what you are looking for. 

Creativity creates empathy

Any story that is relatable will have more viewers. This is where creative advertising fits in. The role is to create stories that people have lived, that people have experienced, that people can say ‘yes, I know exactly what you are talking about”. When creativity creates empathy, your product will automatically do great in the market. So, advertisers make sure that they tell a story that one can understand and familiar with. It is only then that your product will do great.

Creativity helps to engage

An advertisement that is different from the ordinary, that is unique, that follows a different route and most importantly that is creative and worked on by a team of creative guides, will surely be engaging and captivate the attention of thousands who are the target audience. Thus, if you want your advertisement to be noticed, add a tinge of creative ingredient to it. 

The Creative team makes all the impact

In any advertising agency, the creative team makes all the difference. Be it the creative director, the art director, graphic designers or even the copywriters. Their ideas and strategies lead a brand to be noticed and memorable. This team is necessary and crucial to make advertisements stand apart from the rest. The respective teams make sure the brand does well in the market in terms of the design, the look, and feel, and also in regards to the copy. 

We have discussed some points that identify why ‘creativity’ is important in advertising and why one should have a team of creative guides – this includes an Art Director, Copywriter, Creative Director, and so on. Without creative advertising, your message will be bland and unnoticeable. So, get down to work and add some creative spice to your ideas.