The ultimate guide to product packaging design
Ujjayini Roy
by Ujjayini Roy

The ultimate guide to product packaging design

If you want your product to be noticed in the market – then it’s crucial to have a great packaging design! For your product to stand out from the competition it’s essential to work on the way your product looks and how its message is conveyed to the customers. 

Now that we have made it clear how important a packaging design is; below are the things you need to know before starting the packaging design

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What is the product

  1. Who is your audience

    Imagine a product for men in pink packaging! No, they will not buy the product. Thus, it is essential to know who your audience is and then decide the packaging accordingly. For old people, you may need more text, for children – more colors!

  2. How will customers buy the product?

    It’s essential to know how your customer will purchase the product: online? Supermarket? A boutique? If you plan to sell it online, then the packaging will be different if you’re selling the same product in a supermarket. Your package has to make the customer feel safe!

  3. What are your competitors doing

    It’s always a good idea to take a look into what your competition is doing. After understanding your competitors’ designs, you can come up with something more unique that will help your packaging to stand out. So, keep a lookout on your competitors designs.

  4. Collect the required information

    There is some information you need to collect before starting designing the packaging. These include – what is the brand image you’re trying to portray, and most importantly the budget for the packaging. Keeping these in mind you can start the packaging process. Remember don’t deviate from what your brand wants to convey.

    So, now that you have understood the very importance of packaging design and the things to keep in mind before designing: get down to creating the perfect packaging for your product. This will help your product to stand out from the competition and will surely increase conversions. 

    Put your thinking hats on, and make the best packages that are eye-catching and appealing.