Tips on how to build millennial loyalty towards your brand
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Tips on how to build millennial loyalty towards your brand

Living in the millennial era, we have to unearth what are the elements in the advertising and creative world that catch their attention and make them loyal to your brand. 

It has been documented and proven that millennials are a very loyal generation towards a brand. Over 50.5% of people say they are loyal to their favourite brand

This loyalty is built not out of the blue but due to some elements that are worked upon. 


Yes, brand heritage is highly crucial for millennials to remember. A couple of old brands and news brands were laid out, and the millennials could mostly re-call brands that were old and whom they had heard while growing up. 

But that doesn’t imply that a new brand can’t do great too. Tell the story in such a way that it helps to establish a relationship with the millennial. Also, give your brand a strong identity.

Talk about health benefits

Millennials are captivated by the health benefits of any product. This generation reads labels and comprehends the value of natural ingredients and the harmful effects of excessive sugar. Research has shown that the concept of a protein-focused beverage appeared to be a winner with the millennials. 

Prove that your product is efficient

Millennials question everything. They are smart and know how to not be tricked. Even though they may become loyal to a brand; they are skeptical about the marketing strategy and the efficiency of a certain product. It’s important to integrate the efficiency of your product as a part of one’s branding marketing. You can give the millennials a platform and plan to navigate through the research. They need to trust you!

Make it aesthetically beautiful

Once trust is established don’t forget to concentrate on the design. Millennials like to buy something that is appealing to the eye and those visuals they can relate to. Millennials want it trendy, quirky, real, colorful, young, and all of that.

Graphics are extremely important and should also portray good quality for your product. 


Millennials hate being lied to. There have been instances that when a brand admits its mistakes – they tend to become more popular with the crowd, as the brand is being honest with the customers. Millennials want to know all the deep dark secrets that a brand is hiding. Thus, never make false claims and always be honest. 

So, above are just the top five pointers that will help your brand to be acknowledged by the millennials and why they would remain loyal to you. Follow the above tips and see the difference and increase in traffic from the millennials