Top 5 Digital marketing trends for 2021
Binoy S Parakat
by Binoy S Parakat

Top 5 Digital marketing trends for 2021

2020 was a year that forced the entire world to stay within the closed doors and prompted all of us to go digital. Without any face-to-face interaction happening, the only way one could interact with the world was through digital platforms. 

2020 – The year where digital interaction has reached the peak. Let’s see what predictions lie for the current year and the digital era.

Artificial Intelligence

If you haven’t already noticed, artificial intelligence has become a dominant factor in the digital world. 

With such movement, the viewer is able to engage further and feel like a part of the act making them further curious and entertaining them. In short, it is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that think like humans and mimic their actions.

This form is surely on the rise.


Chatbots are a trending technology in 2021. Customers prefer using chatbots because they are available 24/7 and provide answers that are prompt, accurate and chatbots never lose their patience. These virtual assistants are a great way of taking care of customer satisfaction and provide a great outcome. 

Today in the market, many brands have already started using chatbots and great customer engagement. 


It is crucial to personalize your marketing today if you wish to stand out. We are talking about personalized content, products, emails, and much more. 

Research has shown that:

Many people and consumers get annoyed with generic advertising

A large sum of people have said that they would like to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences

For many, personalization is appealing. 

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most crucial marketing trends in the digital world. Many consumers have shared a brand’s video. Many businesses have blatantly said that videos have improved conversion rates. Thus, at the end of the day videos do have a further impact on the consumer and the businesses. 

Videos will never die out and become the dominant form in the years to come. 

Influencer Marketing

This form of marketing has become very popular. This form of marketing uses key leaders to amplify their brand message to a very large market. These influencers can be celebrities or even Instagram and Youtube personalities who have a huge following. These people have the capability to spread a message and get a following for it.

Thus, 2021 has many new Digital trends and a scenario where people are going forward with the digital era. Make sure you incorporate the above points to make your digital space trendy.