Top Five Graphic Design Trends
Yasser Arafath
by Yasser Arafath

Top Five Graphic Design Trends

Art is forever evolving, and an artist faces the challenge of keeping up to date with the new trends in the industry. Technology is growing, and so are the graphic design trends. To keep up with this creative world, graphic designers should pace themselves in learning new technology and keeping up to date with time. 


Below are the top 5 graphic design trends to use:

Liquid Motion Design

As customers, we want to be captivated by engaging designs and foresee magic transitions and movements in a particular design. Liquid Motion design is a graphic design trend that is emerging in the fastest possible way. To understand Liquid Motion: these are animation videos that transform as smooth as the movement of liquid.

Gradients and color transitions

It is now possible for your design to stand out using energetic stunning vibrant color transitions. One should be aware of the trendy gradient and color transitions in graphic design.


Eye-catching designs are conquering the world of graphic design. Gradients and color designs help your brand to stand out from your competition and give a unique touch to your product. 

Glitch Effect

The glitch effect is taking over the market and it enhances the effect of the design. The glitch effect is one of the evolving graphic design trends in 2021. It is surely making a modern comeback. Many critics observe that the best part of the Glitch effect is that they have been inculcated not just in Designing but also in fashion, packaging, films, etc

Galactic Colors

2021 has undertaken galactic effects, space, and galaxy color hues with the changing graphic design trends. The galactic color effect here and there makes your design attractive and memorable. 

Galactic colors help to make designs fun and attractive. One should also use electric colors such as blues and purples as it gives a modern appeal and a rich look to the design. 

Creative Typography

Everyone knows the power of creative typography. It involves a colorful background and funky texts – thus making it the perfect solution to capture the attention with the changing graphic design trends. 

It is clear that in creative typography while the design illustrates the message, the text clarifies it. 

At the end of the day, as creators wanting to make an impact in the creative world – make sure to keep pace with the upcoming trends, and grow each second, each minute, each day, and every day. 

As creators, we need to do our work and evolve with the changing trends