Top 5 Website Design trends in 2021
Yasser Arafath
by Yasser Arafath

Top 5 Website Design trends in 2021

Having a website is crucial for each and every brand, small or big alike. If you want your products to resonate with the right customers, then you need to have a website that makes you credible and that helps your customers to grow loyal to you. 

Let’s look into what are the top 5 trends in website design in 2021. 

Usage of Retro fonts

Retro fonts are something that has gone out of the picture and come back again. Many elements were cool at some point in time and then became uncool, all together. We can say that retro fonts went through a similar journey. Today, retro fonts are making a comeback and are a new trend in web designing in 2021.

They are trendy, bring freshness, and are young. They bring new life into traditional bold fonts. Thus, taking your normal font and bringing about a modern spin to it. 

Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal scrolling is another trend that made a comeback! More and more web designers are today experimenting with horizontal scroll. Designers use this not to just break the pattern and be unique but to disclose secondary information progressively. 

We use horizontal scroll to showcase large photos of their work without taking up too much space on the page. 

Augmented Reality Experiences

Thanks to augmented reality for bringing a unique and appealing web experience. You feel like you are a part of the story, and traffic and conversion rates go up as an aftereffect of augmented reality. More and more retail and e-commerce websites are making use of AR technology to provide their customers with a trendy user experience.

Usage of cartoon illustrations

There was a time when text dominated web pages over images. Today we design has evolved to another level. Designers are customizing websites to connect with the target audience on a personal and level. Thus, the usage of cartoon illustrations and storytelling which helps to convey the message in a great way. 

Implementing Audio in the website

Audio elements are a promising web designing trend in 2021. Offering audio for a website helps to remove accessibility barriers, also makes it all the more appealing. Incorporating audio helps benefit those who prefer to listen.

At the end of the day, it’s always a delight to see how web design continues to change and how new elements are introduced over and over again. Above are just some of the new website trends of 2021!