UI/UX Trends that you should know in 2021
Yasser Arafath
by Yasser Arafath

UI/UX Trends that you should know in 2021

Trends keep changing with time. It is essential to keep pace with these trends to assure that your work speaks volumes and is not deterred by old-fashioned trends. 

Below are some UI/UX trends that are popular in 2021.


Minimalism is a catching trend, and many people have taken to it. Web designers are always on a lookout for new ways such as limiting the number of colors, trying different proportions and compositions

One is looking to convey the best properties of a product in the most minimal manner.

Simplified UX

It’s always better to keep it simple. Simplified interface, navigation process and signing in have become one of the latest UX/UI trends. Brands such as Apple went on with a recent UX trend that made a custom button which helped to avoid extra registration steps. With simplified UI/UX, in and out to an application or web platform becomes easier. 

Usage of blurred, colorful backgrounds

Today, gradients are becoming lighter, however, at the very same time, they look more complex. In the past, designers used about 2-3 colors in linear gradients, and now the color can be increased up to 10. And one can also use overlay. With the usage of such gradients, a temperamental outburst is created. Designers enjoy this and it is a new trend of the time. 

Using Icons

These days using simple minimalistic icons is considered a powerful UX trend. They can communicate in less space than words. Many leading platforms lay a special emphasis on icons. If you want to develop trendy applications and platforms, we recommend the use of meaningful icons. 

Mobile-first approach

We all are aware that today most search queries come from mobile devices. For example, you’re looking out for a restaurant for dinner, or to book a movie ticket, or looking for locations for a holiday – All this through your phone. 

The UI/UX is not only for desktops but also for handheld devices like smartphones. Thus, mobile-first-approach has become a significant UX/UI trend. 

Using absurd 2D illustrations

Illustrations stay on top of the game, however, they are less generic than before. In the past, designers followed minimalism when it came to illustrations – by this, they made the web pages more comprehensible for users. However, these days designers are always on a spree of using unusual angles, proportions and storylines! Illustrations are becoming fancier and causing an even bigger stir than before. 

Thus, in 2021 design trends are a mix of the above. Follow the above trends to keep in pace with the evolving UI/UX world. We hope the above pointers helped you to make your work better and more appealing at the very same time!