Upscaling your Marketing with Programmatic Advertising
Anoop C A
by Anoop C A

Upscaling your Marketing with Programmatic Advertising

This pandemic in the country has led to all brands going digital if they wish to reach out to their customers and finally prosper in this new world situation. This was mostly due to the lockdowns that followed that forced all physical stores to be shut down. With a lot of brands going digital in such a small duration, all of them were looking for a cheap and cost-effective way to do so. It is in this chaos that gave rise to the popularity of Programmatic Advertising.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising if condensed into a single sentence would be ‘collecting data from previous marketing campaigns and using it to help better the future campaigns while using a system specific algorithm’. The Indian market accepted this form of advertising campaign with open arms, this is due to the fact that this helped Indian brands move into the online market with minimal investment. 

Another factor that helped in the growth of this form of advertising is that it requires the audience to engage with the content through any online medium. It helps that India has the highest population of smartphone users than any other country in the world. 


Studies have shown that due to these factors, programmatic advertising is on the rise and grows by 70% almost every year. 


There are a lot of options available if one wants to use programmatic advertising, some of the most popular ones are:

1. Google Marketing Platform

This platform as provided by Google consists of major tools that help in setting up of campaigns as well as keeping track of analytics to help better the output. Some of them are Google Ads, Adserver (Campaign Manager 360), Tag manager (GTM), Analytics manager (Google Analytics), DSP (DV360), Creative manager (Studio) and report builder (Data Studio). 


This platform is an all-in-one type, with tools to start a campaign, as well as to manage it, and finally track it. It is user friendly and provides the Indian market an easy way to get their marketing campaign into the online sphere.


2. Amazon Advertising

Amazon is another provider in the programmatic advertising, it does this by helping the advertisers reach their correct target audience by using the amazon family of apps and websites and an algorithm run by the system, as well as providing its users with the option of third-party exchanges. It does this by providing ad space to its users to be purchasable for all formats be they audio, video, or image. 


This is a highly safe ecosystem as all data is protected by the Amazon advertising policies. The space is assigned to advertisers via a bidding process which is completely transparent to build trust with the clients. 


3. Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe is a great platform known for its work in media, it provides it users an option for programmatic advertising which has media integrated into it. This is a one-of-a-kind platform that gathers and measures all data, media, and creativity. This is a new form with automated media buying that will cause the death of traditional forms of online advertising. 


These are some of the most famous platforms of programmatic advertising in the country at the present moment. While there are many more to go, these are some of the biggest names in the industry.