Useful WordPress plugins to boost your traffic
Yasser Arafath
by Yasser Arafath

Useful WordPress plugins to boost your traffic

WordPress is an all-in-one platform that provides everything a person needs to build a website/blog/portfolio. Forget the alternative platforms, WordPress features are like a cornucopia!! A one-stop-shop to get your website/blog/portfolio launched and running, WordPress is packed with powerful tools, that help you at each step so that you can create a unique, functional and appealing web platform. 


There are plenty of features or otherwise known as Plugins in WordPress. While some are free to use, the remaining are pay and use. Using the WordPress Plugin Directory, you can find these free Plugins.

This blog talks about the ten best Plugins that can make your website look chic and sassy. You can ultimately increase considerable traffic for your website, thereby attracting your target audience, increasing sales and thereby ensuring more profit.

Moving forward, we’ll talk about the ten best Plugins to watch out for: -


As the name suggests, this Plugin provides an end-to-end solution for live analysis, thereby helping you to optimize your content, images, descriptions and keywords. Yoast also helps you to check the quality and quantity of the text, even correcting the grammatical parts as well.


This is a paid Plugin service, which helps in boosting your website/blog/portfolio and increasing the actual number of footfalls during each day. This wonderful service aids you in minimizing HTML tags, pages and other technical files, which may cause your website/blog/portfolio to sag to the bottom, otherwise. 


Having a huge fan base of over one million sites, this plugin helps you to create complicated forms within minutes. The USP of Gravity Forms is that you do not need prior technical knowledge. Whether you wish to create multiple forms or simply break down forms, this plugin is worth paying for!


As the name suggests, this plugin helps you to keep a track of the actual number of visitors per day on your website/blog/portfolio. With the help of the fantastic, in-built statistics, you can access performance reports per day and also check out individual comments/posts. Another wonderful feature is that this plugin is in tune with Google AdWords, thereby helping you with the way your ads turn out. 


This plugin is a MUST HAVE for e-commerce sites/websites. WooCommerce helps you to calculate taxes, shipping charges and all things in number! With over a hundred tools to customize, this plugin will ensure that you don’t need an accountant to manage your books!


What better way to advertise your calligraphy?! With over a thousand fonts available, make your website/blog/portfolio stand out amongst others, by using this wonderful plugin, which can be easily installed, once you’ve paid for it.


This plugin helps you to reach out to customers, by finding the right content for your website/blog/portfolio. This boon in disguise offers you a vast range of tools, that assist in finding the exact match for your keywords, descriptions, titles, sub-headings etc. Priced at 99$, this is a recommended tool to have if you are keen on providing good quality content.


Like Excel, this plugin helps you to display content in tabular format, by directly importing them from Excel (XLS, XLSX). You can also export tables from WordPress to Excel, using this plugin. The best part is that it’s totally free.


This plugin helps you to save your data in the most secure way possible. Your information can be uploaded in a wide array of options such as Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, MS-Azure etc., to name a few. It is always safe than to be sorry as one never knows what the future might bring.


While it is truly difficult to manage comments, you might not know which comment triggers spam count, and which does not. This is where Akismet comes to your rescue!

With an inbuilt technology, which, once activated, runs silently in your background. It helps you to record every single comment and there are indicators that track negative comments. Though this Plugin is free to download, you need to pay for certain API Keys, which help you with the actual process.