Video marketing trends for the year ahead
Ranjith R
by Ranjith R

Video marketing trends for the year ahead

Previously, if you were a content creator then you would have bet your career on long –form blog post as the best bet to market your brand, product, or even a service. While this form is still in use, it has now been replaced by videos as the best form to market your content. The crowds too love this new form of content. 

With recent statistics stating that YouTube has seen a rise of about 20-30% increase in the number of views, engagement with this content too is at an all-time high with 56% of the viewers watching more videos following their first one. But while YouTube was previously used for by the creators and to present some kind of comedic content, today, four out of ten consumers use the platform to watch content posted by brands. 

If you are a new brand on the scene and want to promote your content, these are the video-marketing trends that would be all the rave in the coming year:

Social Media Video Advertising

Advertising on social media is a must in this day and age where everyone and anyone is on these sites. And video content is usually the way to go as they have proven to have great audience engagement. These videos encourage its viewers to follow the brand on the site to further receive updates from them. They also help them in discovering new products and now with shop integrations, also allow them to purchase directly from the site. 

Shoppable Video

This format of videos is usually used when a new product is to be launched or when the brand wants to increase awareness regarding their products. Gone are the days when consumers search for products on search engine, now they head over to social media sites to search for products as well as check products as suggested to them by their friends as well as the trendiest influencers on the site. With this trend on the rise, sites like Instagram and Facebook are coming up with their own formats for this format of videos to help streamline the process. This then is linked to the shop that the brand has created on the site. 

Short-Form Videos

While long-form content is great for the brand to promote their products or services and even to raise awareness, they still have to keep in mind the state of their audience. In this day and age where everyone is busy or has a short attention-span long-form videos are a no-go as they would most likely be abandoned even before they reach their halfway mark. With that in mind short-form content has become the new norm. Bite-size videos that are brief and to the point, that consist of a message to raise awareness and finally a call-to-action. These could be at-most 30 seconds long. This form factor of videos is so on the rise that they have even raised their own social media site like TikTok. Also, why Reels and Stories are the most famous features of all social media sites.

Finally, to conclude these are just a few form factors of video content that have begun to gain traction in this year but are sure to stay strong all throughout the coming year. So, if you are a brand wanting to advertise your products or services it would be a good bet to invest in these content forms.