What  Every Digital Marketer Should Learn From Dubai Expo 2020
Roshith V K
by Roshith V K

What Every Digital Marketer Should Learn From Dubai Expo 2020

For more than 10 years, the leaders of Dubai Expo rigorously plan for this one major global event, that witnesses hundreds of design innovations, mingling of culture, art, tradition, ecology and cuisine. 

Dubai –  the magic land of possibilities, the land of gold and the Desert Kingdom, as its popularly known, hosts a main event known as the Dubai Expo, that runs for about 6 months.

Over 2.35 million people visited the expo during the month of October, thereby kickstarting the expo to a tremendous success. With over 150 countries participating in the expo, each has their own strategies that they follow. 

This article lists out some interesting facts about the key strategies which are currently being utilized by the countries, who host the pavilions for people to visit:



  • The pavilion is a colossal structure, which takes you to a journey of UAE’s growth and transformation, by way of an audio-sensory experience. 
  • All expo ticket holders have undisturbed access through the Expo Smart Queue System.
  • Each system will provide guests, 15 minutes of uninterrupted time slot and one can even reschedule their timings.
  • With stories talking about real-life like-minded people, who, through sheer hard work and the determination to succeed, visitors can view a glimpse of the future, that connects these people together.


  • Designed after Baden- Württemberg House, this pavilion showcases a wide range of topics and solutions for all expo themes. 
  • Being in the Mobility category, the pavilion exhibits bicycle, the automobile, and electric air taxi, which had all been invented in Germany.
  • Most of their exhibits talk about sustainability and clean energies. 
  • The topic of opportunity also plays an important role in the pavilion, as Germany is the only region among 190 countries, that has participated in both categories – Mobility and Opportunity.


  • India’s 8750sqm pavilion is enormous and aesthetically pleasing to look at.
  • The pavilion showcases a 360-degree view that recreates the country’s past, present and future events.
  • Being one of the most culturally varied nation in the world, India’s theme is centered on the 75th Independence of the nation.
  • One can take part in various art, music, and cultural competitions, try authentic food from various parts of India, watch over 100 movies etc.


  • The pavilion welcomes you with some fun into AI – Artificial Intelligence and space.
  • One can get a glimpse of how technology in the future will be.
  • Both online and offline tours are available to visitors, who are provided with a highly engaging multimedia content, this pavilion allows visitors to add their voices to the ever-changing universal message, that includes the voices of other visitors as well.
  • Finally, one can pamper him/herself by indulging in British cuisine.


  • One of the main attractions is that the pavilion caters to needs of all audience – young and old.
  • With treasure hunts and other art-oriented events, children can engage themselves thoroughly.
  • For students and adults, workshops, conferences and panel discussions are being held.
  • Echoing the theme of the expo, the pavilion will highlight French solutions, ideas and innovations that continue to enthrall visitors and portrays unprecedented achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

The above pointers of each pavilion can be taken as a learning curve for aspiring digital marketers, who wish to make their brand stand out of the crowd, at the Dubai Expo, 2020.