5 Reasons Why is User-Generated Content is Important
Ujjayini Roy
by Ujjayini Roy

5 Reasons Why is User-Generated Content is Important

Marketing is way more complex than it used to be. It has become consumer-centric as the power of success lies in the hand of the consumer. 

What is User-generated content? User-generated content is created and shared by the user/consumer regarding their experience, feedbacks, opinions, and ideas! There is no denying that digital platforms are the hub of user-generated content. 

UGC is known to be reliable and trustworthy content as compared to brand pushed marketing content. 

Why is UGC so important?

Wide Reach

The very first aim of a marketing strategy is to reach an audience with a wide reach of exposure – helping to increase chances of engagement and conversions. This is where the importance of hashtags fits in. A company creating a campaign using custom brand hashtags – will only encourage the users to share their views and opinions. This will only help to enhance the reach and exposure of one’s marketing campaign to a broad range of audiences without any demographical limitations!

Diverse Creative content

Creative and exciting content is very much needed for any marketing campaign to become successful. Thanks to UGC one gets the opportunity to see a diverse range of content. 

In-house content is limited in creativity and thus, limiting the diversity of the content. And there are vast users out there with many creative thoughts and perspectives – leading the content to be exciting and engaging at the same time. This will help in making one’s campaign impactful. 

This leads to a humanized approach

The humanized approach means adding emotional and relationship elements to the marketing strategy. With basic brand marketing, it seems impossible to bring out the emotions that connect the users with a brand. 

However, UGC helps marketers to build an emotional connection with the audience, show authenticity and gain trust.

Thanks to UGC one can highlight the experience customers have with a brand and helps to generate empathy. 

Helps to showcase brand advocacy

To explain what brand advocacy is; it is when the customers of a brand believe in it, they show loyalty towards the brand and speak positive and good things about a brand. So, if your brand has customers like these ( brand advocates) – you can use their created content to highlight brand advocacy which in the end will help in attracting new consumers and increase revenue generation. 

In short, brand advocacy is proof of the excellent quality of products/services and the great customer experience that a brand helps to deliver to its customers.

Build an Online Community

We as humans tend to form communities with like-minded people with similar interests. Thus, by using your loyal customers or brand advocates content, one can build an online community of your customers. These small communities will help in creating positive content for one’s brand. This will help to increase traffic, user engagement, brand exposure, and more chances of conversions. 

So now that we have laid down the importance of UGC, marketers should look at User-generated content as their top priority. UGC is being defined as the future of content for the upcoming marketing campaigns. 

UGC helps in building trust, authenticity, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly increase conversions and revenue for a brand. Hence, it surely is regarded as the secret ingredient to successful marketing.