Atheroma AR Web Application

An atheroma, also known as plaque, is a buildup of fatty substances, including cholesterol, proteins, and other circulating substances, inside your arteries. Over time, these atheromas can grow and become a significant risk factor for developing conditions.

Atheroma AR Web Application

Atheroma, commonly known as plaque, is a substance made up of fatty deposits such as cholesterol, proteins, and other circulating substances that accumulate inside the arteries. Over time, this atheroma can increase in size and pose a significant risk of developing conditions such as coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease, heart attack, or stroke. Viatris approached our team with a unique request to create an augmented reality video for a device that would showcase the process of atheroma development to doctors. Given that the device could not be made available directly to healthcare professionals due to certain policies, our team was tasked with developing a digital version that can be shared on various digital devices, making it easily accessible to healthcare professionals.

Our team created an engaging and informative augmented reality video to showcase the process of atheroma development using their innovative medical device. The video featured four broad rows with a button that visually demonstrated the progression of atherosclerosis clearly and intuitively. When the doctors pressed the button, the balloon would inflate to show how the buildup of fatty substances can lead to the development of atherosclerotic plaques inside the arteries.​ 

The augmented reality video that we created on the atheroma process development device proved to be highly effective in conveying the purpose and functionality of the device to the target audience. The video's use of AR technology made it highly engaging and visually stimulating and made it convenient for doctors to carry around. ​

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