Carovit Amazon Brand Store

Carovit Forte Plus, with Vitamin E, C, and Red Orange Complex, is the ultimate dietary supplement for sun protection and nourishment. It defends harmful UV rays and oxidative stress, ensuring healthy skin. It is the ideal choice for maintaining your natural defences and achieving a radiant, youthful glow all year round.

Carovit Amazon Brand Store


Carovit Forte Plus offers a safe way to achieve a beautiful suntan. At the request of Viatris, our team was tasked with creating eye-catching designs for their Amazon brand page that showcase the product's unique features and benefits and ultimately drive sales.

Carovit Amazon Brand Store

With Carovit Forte Plus, you can experience ultimate protection and nourishment for your skin during sun exposure. Its potent blend of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Red Orange Complex provides a safe and effective defense against harmful UV rays and oxidative stress while supporting your skin's natural resilience. Viatris approached us with a specific goal in mind: to create visually captivating designs for their Amazon brand page that effectively showcase the unique features and benefits of Carovit Forte Plus and increase sales conversion. To target a diverse consumer profile on Amazon, Carovit Forte Plus dietary supplement is available in seven different products across three phases: pre-sun exposure, sun exposure, and post-sun exposure.

To meet the client's expectations for the Amazon Banner for Carovit, our team came up with a concept that effectively communicated the message about the product while also aligning with the client's requirements. The team decided to use home-based elements for the banner in the first phase. For the second phase, the team went a step further and used exterior location-based elements to match the concept of the product.​

The visuals designed by our team for Carovit effectively communicated the unique features and benefits of the product. Through the visuals, customers were able to easily understand the value that Carovit adds to their lives and why it stands out from other similar products in the market. Our approach and attention to detail paid off, as the client was impressed with the quality of work delivered.

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